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Thread: Prosthetic Limbs and The Olympics (Or: Fullmetal Athelete)

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    Prosthetic Limbs and The Olympics (Or: Fullmetal Athelete)

    Okay. A bunch of friends and I were watching some news story about a man who just won a court case to run track in The Olympic Games with two prosthetic legs. The opposing side gave arguments that he'd have an advantage over those of us who've still got both functioning legs, as far as running is concernded. Despite hearing the argument, the court allowed this man to run in the games.

    Now, I seen the guy run... HE'S FRIGGIN' FAST!!! This news segment started a debate amonst myself and my friends (the entire household had something to say about this). "Should this man really be allowed to play in The Olympics?" That is the question.

    Two friends of mine and myself (out of like twelve people) agree that this man should not be allowed to run. Now, you may think that I'm being wrong, or mean, or you may have a relative/friend who is in the same "shoes" as this man; but hear me out:

    "Well he had to go through lots of physical therapy! He had to learn how to walk/run again!" Good for him! Does he want a cookie or a medal? (Oh, wait, we already know the answer!! ) There are TONS of people who have to go through the same sh*t!! This man is missing half of his legs, from the knees down! He's only using half the muscle required to run at Olympic speeds. Speeds that fully capable humans use both legs--IN ONE PIECE--in order to achieve them. Hmm... Let's see. A man with only thighs is running in the olympics against people with whole legs. Totally unfair. Does he get winded as easily? Do his nubs get tired? Those are questions I wanna know answers to.

    Besides, that's what the special olympics is for! What if I just showed up at The Olympics with a f*ckin' Bionic Commando arm, or some automail and just decided to do the shot put? Or the Javelin toss? I'd be throwin' things distances that are unfathomable to the human mind/body. I just don't see what's so fair about that.

    Agree or disagree?

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