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Thread: "Public Display of Affection"

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    Re: "Public Display of Affection"

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with PDA. both me & My BF from 3rd got Detention for holding HANDS..HANDS!!! ITS NOT LIKE WE WERE PRACTICALLY ON EACH OTHER!!!..seriously it sucks as you get older. But then you get into to collage..and live your life ^.~
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    Re: "Public Display of Affection"

    Immediately after reading the title of this thread, I knew this was going to be about schools.

    I understand that schools are center for education. I understand they aren't supposed to e social hubs. And I think we all understand that schools are not places to... engage in certain romantic interactions. But what I don't understand is what is lewd of the holding of hands, or hugging— and that's different from groping, may I add.

    Yes, adolescents do go through a phase of... having awkward, and oftentimes someties uncontrollable feelings and thoughts... But I don't think hugging, the patting of one's shoulder, or holding hands will lead to "certain romantic interactions". And I doubt there's really any schools where a majority of these actions will lead to something inappropriate... A majority. If there is... Well, I'd like to know a bit about that school.

    Well, a positive spin to this is that school officials will "let it slip" if the person receiving the action is obviously having a mental breakdown and receiving comfort. I'm not sure how obvious the distress has to be, but if it's evident enough (and perhaps a history of previous occurances), then everything goes.

    It sees that this policy arose fro a want to "purify" the youth of today. I can totally sympathize with wanting to get common decency knocked into these youth's heads (they so desperately need it for my sanity XD), but limiting "family-friendly" social interactions essential to keeping close communities, connections, and comfort... Nuh-uh. That's crazy.
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    Re: "Public Display of Affection"

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

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