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Thread: Rap Music Videos and morals

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    Re: Rap Videos/Music

    Quote Originally Posted by atomik_sprout View Post
    No rapper who speaks on nothing but sex, drugs and violence should be considered an idol or role model. That's why most inner city neighborhoods have gone to crap!

    I hate--and I REALLY mean--HATE those kind of rappers! They're not even true hip-hop. They have nothing better to rap about than their money, hoes and rented vehicles. They don't speak of anything that has ANY relevance to the "struggle" or any other real-life situations. They suck, for a lack of better words, and they're brainwashing our children to become these wannabe "gangsters/thugs".
    I agree with u. Most videos today are about sex, hos,money. I like old songs that made more sense. Its not just about rap videos though. Some little kids watch movies about that too. With alot of drugs,sex, and violence. I like rap and r&b. But there are some songs I hate.

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    Re: Rap Music Videos and morals

    It's really, really sad to see that garbage is actually being associated with virtues, that it's good to be swearing about nonsense.. Not all rap is bad, but you know, the stuff that's popular... *coughcough* The youth doesn't care much about songs about having someone's back, or just plain having fun, huh...
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    Re: Rap Music Videos and morals

    There idols because people(no matter what they rap about) look up to them. I myself am ok with rap. Just like im ok with heavy metal, and all their lyrics about killing people. 'Let the bodies hit the floor' lol

    And to country, what about all the drunk folks?

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