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Thread: Is Rape Justifiable?

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    Is Rape Justifiable?

    It amazes me how many stupid people aer on Earth. A young girl recently was gang raped in the United States. The defense that many people have given and what their attorneys are trying to claim is that they are from a place where raping women have no consequences. And that since they do not understand it is wrong to rape women they don't have the cpapcity to stand trial and must be aquitted. I say it doesn't matter. Moral relativism is destroying peoples sense of values. In my opinion these scumbags need to be tried to the fullest extent of the law. Whether it is enforced in some countries or not doesn't matter. Wrong is wrong. But what do you think, should scumbags be allowed to claim that rape is part of the culture. And does that make forcing women to have sex with you justifiablez?

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    Re: Is Rape Justifiable?

    This thread is insulting to anyone who has been raped, or has known someone who has. Just bringing up the very notion that it is justifiable is insane.

    I'm closing this because quite frankly, its not worth discussing, since there is no debate: Rape is not justifiable under any circumstance.

    And before you start screaming that I'm taking this personal, You're damn right I'm taking this personal. My brother was kidnapped and raped at the age of 16 by a deprived sorry excuse for man. It destroyed its his life, and he has had issues with depression, anxiety, and attempts at suicide ever since (he is now in his 30s). The man who did this was quickly caught and was sentenced to life imprisonment the the raping of several other young men as well as my brother. He was damn lucky the police got to him first, my dad (Who was in the Military at the time), would have killed him.

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