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Thread: Right and Wrong

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    Right and Wrong

    How can you truly tell when something is wrong or right? Is societies concept of it correct? Is there a diffrence when there is a law involved than when there is a principle? Do morals have any bearing on it being right or wrong?How do you know?

    I got hassled about a decision I made recently that my friend said was obviously wrong. But when I thought about it, the decision seemed rational and right. Thats what brought about that barrage of questions you see above.

    I seriously wondered whether you could just tell or did something else come into play. Certain things are supposedly always wrong. For instance murder. But what if the murder was to save someone elses or your own life would it still be wrong?

    Obviously there are lawa in our society to keep order among the masses and normally this really helps. But what if its a principle. Principles may change depending on a person's conscience and their background. Would they're decisions be considered wrong if they didnt coincide with other people's views on a matter?

    And morals. Goodness morals! Our society for the most part is losing the morals our parents grew up with. What was wrong in the 60's is perfectly acceptable now. Should things be able to change like that. I'm not sure.

    Tell us what you think.

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    Re: Right and Wrong

    in life there is no good or bad desions its wat u decide, if u think long and hard aboutalmost every choice u made had both positive and negitive effects, its wat u chose is wat makes it wrong or right... i dont no if it helps but hey atleast i tried lol... wanna be friends

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    Re: Right and Wrong

    At times people may think that they are doing the right effect. But when it comes to the law it just depends on how someone would react. Take trying to protect yourself or others. My personal feelings is that I would try to protect myself no matter what the out come. Thier are times when someone knows that if they steel something they are doing something wrong. I guess what I am trying to say that it just depends on the situation.

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    Re: Right and Wrong

    Well that would depend on you, now wouldn't it?

    Whether there was a definite wrong or right, choice is what rules over them.
    Even if karma were to come into play, choice has no connections other than "victim" of karma.

    Even if Fate were to exist, then we all would know that "Fate" is not as all-powerful as it may seem... afterall, if Fate were to exist, then right or wrong wouldn't matter, would it?

    In the end, no matter what the belief, Right and Wrong depends on the person.
    Even if the universe was engraved in stone to what was good and evil, the mind is powerful enough to deny such laws and create new ones.
    Whether you seek to find what is TRULY right or wrong, would be up to you as well...
    We can't be sure of such definite rules of this universe unless we know the entire universe.

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    Re: Right and Wrong

    yes, society now is to desensitized by violence and sex. i wouldnt say take it back to sixties level, tho. and i belive in making decisions that seem right TO YOU.

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    Re: Right and Wrong

    For me, what's right is 'bout a balance being struck and what's wrong is 'bout an imbalance being struck. Most morals often cause a balance to be struck, a few however don'. To me, there is more to what's right and what's wrong than what we're taught. And, for the most part, the majority of people agree on such things. My only advice I can give is, go with ur gut. It won' betray u. Trust in that if u trust in anything 'bout this subject. If people tell u it's wrong, but ur gut tells u it was right; go with ur gut. Maybe it knows something they don'.

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    Re: Right and Wrong

    I dunno.

    I tend to agree with most people here in saying weather you're right or wrong is mostly just how you consider your own decisions. I've rationalized quite a few of my "wrong" decisions, infact I do such a good job rationalizing that in the end I convince even myself that what I've done was not wrong at all.

    Take for example stealing.
    Thats wrong, correct?

    Well I agree that stealing is wrong if your stealing pointless things from a store, or if you steal from another individual person (you should always do on to others as you would like done on to you).

    However, I am a single mother of 2... And there have been times that I've stolen from the store things that my family needed. I simply could not afford it. And though it sucked to have to stoop to that level. I felt justified, I did not feel it was wrong of me to do everything in my power to provide basic neccesities for my children and self.
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    Re: Right and Wrong

    it really depends on the mindset of each and everyone of us...because if you do think it's wrong then it is but always remember that we all have different principles in life in which we follow...for me, as a christian...I follow God's rule..it's to do good, be good and spread the goodness of life to everybody (avoid evil!!!) but I can't help being wrong sometimes, it's becoz i'm not perfect..that's why..

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