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Thread: Right and Wrong

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    Re: Right and Wrong

    Well I was always told if you wouldn't want it done to you then don't do it to others. Also what may be right for one peron may in fact be wrong for another person, so it reasons to say that the final good/bad/right/wrong aspect of things is up to what you belive in.

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    Re: Right and Wrong

    This is really a debate topic, Moving there...

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    Re: Right and Wrong

    Mario's girlfriend brought up a good point. Stealing diapers is a hell of a lot different than stealing the new basketball shoes that came out.

    Alot of cultures think that killing a sister of girlfriend who got raped or has a mixed baby is justified.

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    Re: Right and Wrong

    I don't really think that there's a right and wrong on things. I believe that every (okay then, SOME) decision has a negative and a positive effect on things. It's actually on how you see/view things. What seems wrong in your opinion is right in another's.

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    Re: Right and Wrong

    Quote Originally Posted by NevesElocin View Post
    How can you truly tell when something is wrong or right? Is societies concept of it correct? Is there a diffrence when there is a law involved than when there is a principle? Do morals have any bearing on it being right or wrong?How do you know?

    I got hassled about a decision I made recently that my friend said was obviously wrong. But when I thought about it, the decision seemed rational and right. Thats what brought about that barrage of questions you see above.

    I seriously wondered whether you could just tell or did something else come into play. Certain things are supposedly always wrong. For instance murder. But what if the murder was to save someone elses or your own life would it still be wrong?

    Obviously there are lawa in our society to keep order among the masses and normally this really helps. But what if its a principle. Principles may change depending on a person's conscience and their background. Would they're decisions be considered wrong if they didnt coincide with other people's views on a matter?

    And morals. Goodness morals! Our society for the most part is losing the morals our parents grew up with. What was wrong in the 60's is perfectly acceptable now. Should things be able to change like that. I'm not sure.

    Tell us what you think.
    It really has a lot to do with upbringing, and the values that you hold inside yourself, since a lot of the values that we hold are different, or interpreted differently from society, a lot of what we view as right and wrong will differ on many issues, some may view stealing as wrong in any situation, some may say that it is ok is certain ones, still others would say it doesn't matter at all.
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    Re: Right and Wrong

    But some things are personal decisions and although upbringing may sway you its still your decision to make. Like with mine, my family would freak that I even have to make the decision at all. My friends all have differing opinions on the subject and for a while I was completely lost! Sometimes I believe it can't be decided on history at all.

    And note this: I'm not telling what my issue was so don't ask.

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    Re: Right and Wrong

    Perception plays such a big part in morality that sometimes using the terms "Right and Wrong," don't always apply, especially when it comes to picking the lesser of two evils. War of course is the best example. Do we fight and kill, which goes against our moral standards, or do we let our way of life be totaled? Sometimes you have to go against your morals to save them. We say using the terms Right and Wrong is impractical and we should try to focus on one's perception, and yet when an issue that clouds our logical mind comes around people instantly pick sides. I think the concept of Right and Wrong is a natural tendency, but not exactly a good one. See? I even used the word "good," at the end of that sentence. A sign that it's difficult to escape that age old "Right and Wrong, good vs. evil" concept.

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    Re: Right and Wrong

    If you know your a good person and you believe your choice was right then there is no wrong.

    If you feel wrong for a Choice then it must have not been right or handle in a "right" way.

    Yes morals and society has a effect of peoples choices, but it doesn't make them bad "People"

    You know whats right and wrong the day you are born I believe. I mean you have to experience it first but yea.

    Morals help in choices you want to make but you shouldn't because of what you believe in. ..

    -_- But really if you are not feeling guilty and your a good person, I see nothing wrong with it.
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