Ok, all the different things that say if something is right or wrong, I believe, are as thus: Religion, Law, Morals, Principles, values, and instinct.

Now how something is decided wrong or right is by weighing all these things importance toward what ever was done, then taking what they say into account, and coming up with an overall answer. Things like prior knowledge, and what was believed to be happening, and state of mind and all that stuff comes into account. Then you decide, like with killing someone.

Murder- Unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being.

Though some would disagree with this definition, I am going to use it. By this definition, say I planed, and killed someone when my life and the life of someone I know weren’t in danger. Well that is against the law, and premeditated, so prison. But let’s add the knowledge that he was raping his daughter, the police had been called and found nothing and no one was talking but me, who saw it. (By the way in reality we shall say he was, that I didn’t imagine it, but there was no proof.)

In this case, I say that even though I would go to prison, and everyone would think I guilty, I in reality would have done the right thing, in fact, by some who believed me, I would probably be considered something like (like, not actual) a martyr for going to jail even though I did the right thing.

So there is a right and wrong, it just isn’t and wont always be found by law or morals, or anything, if everything is known, the decision of whether it is right or wrong should be simple, whether you like what it means or not. Now whether you believe in god or not, that kind of incite that a being like him would have is the only true way for a real decision on something that seems to be in a grey area of right and wrong.