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Thread: Save The Planet.

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    Re: Save The Planet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. K View Post
    Well I guess its time for my say.

    I live in Alaska. No we have not a huge pollution thing.

    But to be honest this winter there was "NO!" Snow, and when it did snow, it would melt and turn to ice. We finally got a little that didn't melt. A little...

    To you guys snow may not be common, but for me. We had our last snow days in 2001. I mean pure snow! No one could make it to work. It took 3 days to move it all.

    Don't get me wrong it did reach its normal. -10 degrees, and I Froze my booty off, but for everyone else. We were kinda blinking..

    They tell people to come to Alaska and see the Change. I say, I am only 18 years old, and Anchorage is not what it was 10 years ago, let alone 5.

    Not to be the Negative point of view.

    -o- But we are going to DIE! We are water animals ourself. Heat is not our friend! The Glaciers reflected the Sun! And we are burning our safety net.

    All I can say is I am truly scared, and deep down I wish there was a new power. That could do all what we do now, and won't harm the earth.

    I haven't even seen the birds lately. They didn't come home! I have lost all hope...
    I live in Minnesota, so I know how snowy winter can get. I never been to Alaska, but there are only two seasons here: Winter and July.

    These last few winters--well the last 6 to be exact--have been getting warmer and warmer, with less snow each time. Then at the very end of winter, we get hit with a snowstorm that would strike fear in to the hearts of men.

    About twelve years ago, if that would happen, the state would go in to a friggin' frenzy. MN with no snow?? Get outta here!! But now, it seems like I'm the only one who's worried about it. THIS winter, we got a small portion of snow. Most of it's already gone--I hear it'll snow today though--and most of it came during Thanksgiving. Then some of it melted, and we got the same amount back a few weeks later. Just last week we had temperatures up to 55 degrees! That's ridiculous for a northern state in the dead of winter.

    It's January--coldest month of the year--and it's not even that cold out yet! I've been taking smoke breaks outside with no coat even! Like I said before, the earth will burn up in a ball of fire, unless some action is taken. Because, there's no way in hell that Minnesota and Alaska should be seeing small amounts of snow--ESPECIALLY ALASKA!!

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    Re: Save The Planet.

    i do recycle i care deeply about the earth and i hate most other people who dont respect our wonderful earth it drives me crazy

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    Re: Save The Planet.

    oh God it is so true!! sometimes i just feel like kick everyone who "doesnt know" what recycle is!! I wonder why a few ppl cares so much and other just dont give a S.H.I.T about it?? in my condominium we have the exact days for put stuff to recycle and guys who goes to each door asking for all type recyclable materials but guess what there's always an a$$hole who throw away recyclable stuff...

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    Post Rebuttal to bigfoot88.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigfoot88 View Post
    But keep in mind you cannot ride of all pollution because you need pollution to survive. As for global warming I think it's just scam for some scientist to raise money for other things. Did you know that only 50% of scientists actually agree that global warming is true. Now see I can see the logic in the global warming theory but I have an issue with it. The dangerous CO2 that caused the hole in the Ozone can also be produced in many ways. It can be produced by all animals, plants, fungi, and microorganisms. Also doesn't Volcano’s produce CO2.

    As for the weather I think that all of you are just thinking way too much into this and just finding things that would support the global warming theory.

    The point I'm trying to get at is weather changes all the time it will happen and it has happen in the past. Wasn't there something called the little ice age when winter happen all year around. All I'm saying is that there are bigger things to worry about then the weather. I know I'm going to get a lot crap about this reply but honestly people just think about it doesn't make sense.
    According to you, we need pollution, or, contamination in the environment, especially those of man-made waste, as the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines pollution, for us to survive. You also seem to think that every person out there against global warming is against all production of CO2, and that they all think that CO2 is man-made. I have no idea about everyone else, but I'm not against the natural production of CO2 at all, and I'm perfectly aware that CO2 is a naturally occurring gas. I can't know for sure, but it seems to me you think that the levels of CO2 produced during modern times (1, 2) are perfectly normal, and aren't really being added to by humans in any way at all. That's basically what you're saying, right?

    Only 50% of scientists agree that global warming is actually occurring... References? Links? Sources? And of these scientists you talk about, how many of them are connected with the oil industry and such? And are all of these scientists reliable? Studies have shown that scientists can be biased in their studies and reviews depending on their backgrounds and their connections, especially if they're connected with big industries that could be affected by such research. Oh, and here's an interesting fact: there was a study done that took 928 papers with the keyword listed in the Information Sciences Institute of California with the keywords "climate change", published in refereed scientific journals between 1993 and 2003. The study found that none of the papers disagreed with mainstream consensus. Maybe all those scientists are wrong, but I'm going to keep my opinions on reliable consensus where they are until you give me a proper source on your 50% fact.

    I'm pretty sure that everyone knows the weather changes all the time... Otherwise there'd be no weather stations... And yes, the Little Ice Age did happen, and it was caused by a volcanic eruption blocking out the sun's light and warmth, plus the fact that the sun was going through a period of low solar activity. I think by now, most of us (hopefully) understand that there can be some unexpected, natural fluctuations in the weather. But are the temperature changes seen in recent times really just part of a natural cycle? Does human production really not have to do anything with the recent temperature trends? Tom Wigley of the National Center for Atmospheric Research says there weren't times in the past that were as equally warm as today.
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    Re: Save The Planet.

    Quote Originally Posted by LenMiyata View Post
    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    The Middle Eastern countries are not really surprising at all. All of them are major oil exporting countries, and one of the byproducts of oil production is natural gas. With a limited (or none) ability to capture, store, and export this product, the only alternative is flare it off at the well head, and your talking about a very large quantity of methane here...
    I didn't really take that in to account at the time my mistake.In any case they should at least start to use some method to capture, store, and export instead of flaring it off at the well head and polluting the air even more.But that really wont happen unless some one makes them do that or a governing body over sees all production of fossil fuels in the world from my point of view.
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    Exclamation Re: Save The Planet.

    There are a lot of Green Technologies which could change our world but the big oil cartels and corporate lobbyists in Congress will pretty much kill most of it.

    Rock Paper
    Scissors is in big trouble. LOL This is a new paper which is made from rock that's been ground to the consistency of talcum powder and is made into flat sheets using non-toxic resin. This paper is 100% waterproof, 100% grease proof, print requires 20% less ink, and its 100% non-polluting and biodegradable. Over time it crumbles to harmless rock dust.

    Air Powered Cars
    A French company called has developed a car which has begin productions in India which runs entirely on compressed air. The vehicle is incredibly fuel efficient using a gas powered compressor to keep the explosion-proof carbon fibre tank topped up. For only $3 you can go ... oh ... 300 miles!!! The air is regular outside air and is safe for use in the vehicle's A/C system. The car should start selling in Europe pretty soon and hopefully should make it here in the US.

    Hydrogen Fuel Cells
    For an investment of under $100,000 or less you can take your entire home off the grid and run off fuel cells. You need and electrolysis equipment which takes ordinary tap or well water and separates it into oxygen and hydrogen. You store the hydrogen in tanks and use it in a fuel cell which then generates power and produces pure clean water as the only by product. The electrolysis equipment can be completely solar powered. All of this equipment is available to your average consumer right now, you just need to know where to look. I think you need to build the fuel cell and there are kits that show you how. If I had the money I'd build myself one, and perhaps make money building them for others.

    Vegetable Oil Car Conversions
    This had been around for a while now. In places you can get your car modified to run on vegetable oil. You can practically get it for free from restaurants who normally just throw it out anyway. All you need to do is filter it yourself and that's so mind numbingly easy that not doing this conversion because of this step is a sad excuse. Anyway, fuel economy various but the oil burns clean with no harmful emissions and the fuel itself provides lubrication for the engine. Not only that but when using this fuel your car will also be quieter. Check around, most major cities have at least one or two places that do these kinds of conversions. I heard it works best on diesel engines and was even done on a turbine engine for a Hummer conversion and was so whisper quiet you had to open the hood and feel the engine to know it was on.
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