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Thread: The Second Covenant

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    Re: The Second Covenant

    Quote Originally Posted by Chubz View Post
    Well, with not accepting Jews into the christian church, that's not really anything bad...that just makes sense...It would be a clash of beliefs if a jewish person went into a christian church. Same as how people of christian faith don't go in to a jewish synagogue. Christians believe that Jesus was the saviour of mankind, while the Jewish faith still thinks that the saviour is yet to come...
    Oh yeah. Umm, if people havn't really figured this one out, well... That is a very large part of which makes one religion different from another. That doesn't even seem funny if someone really lacks this kind of knowledge.

    As I have mentioned earlier, homosexuality has been considered taboo for quite some time. I don't even think the Romans really appreciated same sex relationships or saw the concept behind it.

    Jews.. they have a different religion. Pretty simple.

    Only just recently, a large majority of people around the world have considered the idea of the "Everyone is equal in the eyes of God". Almost no religion today has had their foundations based on this origin. Culture today hasn't even had concept intergrated into the system until recently either. Mainly because religion is has been the driving power in history.

    Don't fear though. The main populace doesn't agree with it, but they have a few "Welcome All" sanctuaries around the world.

    Oh hehe, sorry made the same mistake as Chubz. Thought you were talking about the practicing instead of the blood. Still though. I have met plenty Jews who are Christian. Quite a few people don't care or don't even understand the significance. It's not like people are asking anyways. We arn't the Nazi's with record books of every Jew in society.
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