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Thread: Sex Before Marriage

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    Re: Sex Before Marriage

    Quote Originally Posted by Miroku4444 View Post
    Just because you read some passage on abstinence in the bible, doesn't make it immoral. Sleeping with everybody you hook up with no matter if you love em or not is immoral. If you love each other with all your heart, and are truly compatible is what counts. No piece of paper is going to make you stay together. It just depends on how strong your love is, how you work together as a couple, How you personality's work together, and how you two handle the stresses of life together as a couple.
    There will always be those who are against premarital sex and consider it immoral, we can't do much about that. Let them say what they want, it really doesn't matter, because probably the majority are just talk anyways it seems.

    "Approx 81% of American adults identify themselves with a specific religion:
    "The proportion of the [American] population that can be classified as Christian has declined from 86% in 1990 to 77% in 2001." ARIS Study. 4" - by the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance

    285million would be the population for Americans who have Premartial Sex
    231million would be population for those Americans who are Christian

    As you can see, it doesn't matter what most say about immoral or not immoral about this subject, because either way, most are going to have premarital sex anyways. Those who oppose seem to jump the gun even earlier or just give up with that self discipline.

    It is all good and romantic yes, but in the real world, most of those "virgins" or self proclaimed abstinence users, are all talk in the end. Growing up is part of the game and people change...stick close to those beliefs as long as you want(or can is the most appropriate), because you are a dieing breed.

    Go ahead and say that it is immoral, but first understand that most of your fellow worshippers don't act what they preach and the roll of the dice say you are in the same bucket.

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    Re: Sex Before Marriage

    I would have to say yes, many people are doing it and more and more people arn't even getting married because the term married it self, they find it as a restriction on life, so they live as a boy and or girl friend. well thats my thought on the sumject

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    Re: Sex Before Marriage

    Please do not post in threads that have been inactive for more than 14 days. Make a new one on the topic if the thread is dead.

    Attitude of AO MODS, according to beast
    Because they have obtained that level they are arrogant. You have to kep in mind when you talk about these guys they are kind of dorks who probably didn't excel at much and this is their only outlet to flex their muscles. Their egos would suffer no less so the the forum suffers some more. Watch one way or another they will probably repond to this post with a threat. But there are better forums out there. Private messege Zev.

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