Recent cases in the news have put that old registry back in the spot light. The registry for sex offenders that is supposed to be updated and ready for the public. They even have an IPhone app. The problem is that you click on these sites and sex offenders are everywhere. So where are people with children to go. Well the reason for the massive presecense is perhaps do to what puts people on the list.

While it was initially created to give people an advantage to knowing where predators are it was to some extent become a tool of punishment. There are many things that can get you on the sex offender registry that have nothing to do with predatorial aggression.

These include running around naked or as many call it streaking. Anyone under the age of 18 taking naked pictures of themselves and distributing them called sexting. Having sex with someone under the age of consent of the state regardless of the age of the offender. Oh and don't forget flashers.

So what I am saying is that we need reform of the list if it is going to have anyvalue. Stop using things as a tool to stop a social ill or a sense of immorality and actually use it to help us help guard ourselves against these predetors.