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Thread: Sexual Harassment Going too Far ?

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    Re: Sexual Harassment Going too Far ?

    I say that even if it has gone too far nothing can be done about it unless people die. Or something worse..
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    Re: Sexual Harassment Going too Far ?

    sexual harrasment has gone way to far because say a boyfriend and girlfriend got caught kissing or even hugging they would get a telling off for it but suspended is just i stupid punishment

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    Re: Sexual Harassment Going too Far ?

    Umm... getting suspended from school over doing something like sexual harrasment in my country would be like normal... since its a muslim country... the rules are much tighter than other non muslim countries...

    Women to us have thier own..lets say.. "status" and they must be preserved,... ^^ one of the ways are not to sexually harass them in any way... ^^
    But they will also get punished for sexually harrasing guys...or other girls... xD

    Do this in the public..u can get in jail and fine or both... @.@

    I agree to my country's system.... ^^ i don't want my liltle sisters and brothers running around doing shamful stuff...(we take this things very seriously and regard them as shamful)

    Sexually harassing another is a bad offence indeed to me... ^^ even they don't mind... i still don't like such things...

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    Re: Sexual Harassment Going too Far ?

    My son will be 5 next month. He is SOOO curious. And I am so open. So we talk about body parts. Hes just learning the basic differences between girls and boys right now! So its odd that in 1 or 2 years he'd be ecpected to understand the concept of sensualtity, or sex. Let alone sexual harrassment.

    Like Miroku stated... at that age... when a boy makes contact with a girl... Its usually just to make her upset. And that's just because kids like to pick on eachother. Not because they get aroused by it.
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    Re: Sexual Harassment Going too Far ?

    Ok.. Ok.. Look I can see if you want to teach kids not to do things like that, maybe at the most you give them detention... Do they give detention anymore?
    When I was in school they could still paddle you, your parents had to sign a paper if they didn't want you to be. Not many parents (where I come from) signed them. Maybe that is why kids were more behaved when I was a kid, we had disapline...
    Whoops getting off thread topic, sorry. So like I was saying, give them detention, or if they are little kids, no recess/free time for a week (something like that). They used to make us write the I will nots... You know I will not (insert what ever you did do, or should not have done here).
    If it were older kids who should know better than to grab a girls waist band, and just exactly how was it done, etc... I could see there being more of a punishment, but I don't know even about that. It would all depend on the circumstances, and such.
    This all seems out of hand to me.

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