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Thread: Should History be taught in school?

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    Re: Should History be taught in school?

    yes i think it is important to learn were we came from and what happened when we did we cant just say lets forget about it that would be cruel to the people of that time.

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    Re: Should History be taught in school?

    Quote Originally Posted by nightboyz View Post
    I coming into this form late however I wish I had found this early though. I'v been gone working for some time now.
    I recall that the form starter and many other had posted that history is writen from victors of whatever the subject to better them selfs. To me that just sounds redundent.
    First of all if I won a war why would I change what happened.
    Why would I tell a lie if I won, if I had lost I would like to beleve I was out numbered insted of out classed.
    The truth is that history is not only to pervent misstakes but to teach us what we have also lerned, were people came from, how they did this for good or bad, were they went and why, so that we can do the same if not better.
    History is apart of ower ways as well ower very lifes that were are living right now.
    Ask yourself, wear were you were born, wear you went to school, wear you had fun with you friends and who were thoughs friends.
    The history book that were read yes in fact hand been writen by one and that one has the power to change the truth in the words, however this book of history was never ment to be a bible, just a book of infomation never to be worshiped.
    Well said. The textbook means nothing. The knowledge is EVERYTHING.

    Nobody said that the history textbook is infallable, nor did anyone say that all history books are accurate, BUT I do believe that the knowledge you aqqcuire from the class itself, is invaluable. Even outside of the classroom, everything has a history--including yourself. History class simply teaches how to log the past to learn from it and prepare for the future. Screw the books, just learn your past so you're not doomed to repeat it.

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    Re: Should History be taught in school?

    History should be taught because yes the imformation is sometimes a victim to lies but, it is important to know stuff just in case...i dunno just, just in case! also the plus to learning history is that it takes up sometime in the school hours, so you don't have to do other things like R.E learing about other gods, well everyone knows that if you belive in god theirs only one!

    History: Slietly helpful

    R.E: Not helpful in anyway and never will be...

    Well thats just an opinion but we know it's right

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    Re: Should History be taught in school?

    I'm going to keep this one simple because it doesn't have to be complicated.
    History is necessary.
    It is why we are as advanced as we are because humans live in a world far beyond their comprehension they must work through trial and error. If humanity did not keep track of it's mistakes then we'd never learn (as is noted from the governments that discard history).

    ... and join my rebellion against time.

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