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Thread: should homosexuals be accepted in the society?

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    Talking should homosexuals be accepted in the society?

    Hi everybody! this issue bugs me.. i mean.. the growing number of homosexuals in almost all country of the world is dominating.

    In most conservative countries, homosexuals (lesbians, gays) are somewhat unacceptable in the society. Some people actually treats them unfairly as if they are not humans. They are degraded into the level where they are almost treated like animals. unfairly and unjustly.

    Although, their gender seems quiet unique, it doesnt mean that we should treat them less than humans. they, too, have rights. we are given equal rights. and they deserve the same respect as we males and females deserve.

    well, these are just my thoughts. how about you? do you think homosexuals should be or not be accepted in the society?

    Be heard!^_^

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    Re: should homosexuals be accepted in the society?

    We've had enough of these topics recently. If you want to know what the communities thoughts are on the matter, do a search in the recent debate topics


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