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Thread: Should We Support China?

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    Re: Should We Support China?

    Quote Originally Posted by Asian Guy View Post
    I'm surprised you are not defending your lies anymore of saying China invade Tibet because the Tibetan ask for it to get ride of Dalai lama as their leader. Or saying America invade Iraq because the Iraqi asking American to invade them to get ride of Saddam.
    Bzzt... You failed again. Not only did you fail to actually try to refute any facts you fell back on the "you lie" argument to try and discredit me. Poor form.

    A. I did not say China invaded Tibet because they were invited, I am sure they would have done that anyway, but that they were invited and then welcomed when they did. I was merely working with your own ridiculous comparison of the US coalitions deposing Saddam Hussein with China's current actions. The point I was trying to make was that the invasion of Tibet was supported, even welcomed, by the common people because communist China took over the government and they didn't want the Tibetan elite back running things so all attempts to infiltrate and put the Dalai Lama back in charge failed for lack of support by the common people. If you support China doing that then how do you get off casting stones at another country for doing the same thing?

    B. In the legislation (the actual paperwork you can go look it up yourself) authorizing the invasion of Iraq essentially three reasons were given:
    1. To prevent Iraq from getting WMD's and developing nuclear weapons.
    2. To destroy a terrorist haven and location of Terrorist training camps.
    3. Prevent the genocide and human rights violations being committed against the people of Iraq by it's own government.
    The last was reported by the massive refugees who begged for intercession and was not only confirmed by Iraqi government reports collected afterward but exceeded.
    Again you can go look up the actual interviews of the refugees.

    This still has nothing to do with China however and unless you can define when this supposed "revolution of China" took place that created China as a country and prove that Tibet has not been both independent and autonomous at any time since then your own claims have no validity. It's not supporting "separatism ideology", it is supporting the people's right to choose what they want be it Independence or Autonomy.
    Dalai Lama: Tibet Cannot Make Any More Concessions to China
    Dalai Lama Fears More Chinese Force

    It's called rule by the people Asian Guy. It may be a strange concept for you but it based on a belief that governments exist for the benefit of the people and on their approval not the other way around. Inalienable rights not government given rights. Until the US or any other country objecting to China's actions start imprisoning journalists for questioning the government, arresting religious leaders for taking moral stands, killing those with other political affiliations, and cause mass exoduses of refugees from their borders in fear of their life there simply is no comparison. You can defend it all you want but the fact remains that the actions of the Chinese government are reprehensible and people object to them as they should.

    Now I actually gave you the benefit of the doubt because you had seemed to be actually discussing things, please don't strike out ie. "fail" a third time.

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    Re: Should We Support China?

    Quote Originally Posted by Asian Guy View Post
    As for this topic subject, do not mix sport with politics or other stuff including religion, skin colour. Sport is where all of us can gather together in deference of our skin colour, religion and race.

    Talking about not supporting, should we just not support American who cleary still invade Iraq even today while it is clear Iraq is not part of America rather than not supporting China?
    Sports and politics have been intergrated for years, decades, centuries, MILLENIA!!! The colloseum battles during the Roman empire was considered a sport and most deaths in the battles were decided by the emperor (the whole thumbs up, thumbs down idea). The olympics in Germany during Hitler's reign was highly controversial and politics was all there was to talk about during that time period--y'know with the second world war and all...

    So, why can't there be a political discussion about whether or not China should host the olympics? I think it's a good topic. Yeah, yeah, yeah... The olympics was made for countries to come together and "play nice", maybe show off some skills, but when push comes to shove, people are weird when it comes to "outsiders", or "foreigners".

    Quote Originally Posted by Asian Guy View Post
    I'm sure the olympic in China will be a success, there is no need to worry about those mindless peoples who mix sport with politics.

    Back on not supporting, I think it is really better to boycot America since to this day they still invade Iraq. I'm not saying to boycot the sport event held in America since sport must never mixed with non sport stuff like politics, religion, skin colour or race but boycoting America on their product export and import.
    First of all, the invasion in Iraq has nothing to do with the olympics in China, except for the fact that the US should keep it's nose in Iraq and leave China to handle it's business on it's own. We'd be massively outnumbered if it came to a land battle!

    Second, I don't think the olympics in China are gonna be a success or a failure. I think it's just gonna be a normal olympic event that comes and goes every four years like February 29th. Maybe there'll be a bomb or two goin' off like the olympics in... Was it Atlanta? (Little help please?)

    I don't think that China getting the olympics has anything to do with Tibet, personally, so I don't understand why protesters who aren't even FROM Tibet are even trippin'. All China wants to do is look friendly, and I say let them. When you get a toy labeled, "Great American Toy," and on the back it says, "Made in China," you've got yourself one kick ass stuffed animal!!! LOL, Go China!

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