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Thread: Similiarity in Marriages...

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    Re: Similiarity in Marriages...

    I firmly belive that there is someone out there for everyone, one only needs to look, sometimes wait, or even go through a couple marriages before they find that person.

    My parents are one such couple. My mom was married twice, the first to someone who wound up being a spouse abuser (Father of my two older brothers), the second to an alcoholic child abuser (Me and my sister's father). It wasn't until I was six that my mom found my step father, and now, 16 years later, they're still happily married.

    As for their similarities, Both come from military families (My mom had her father and her two brothers serve in the US armed forces), and my step father being a soldier himself, which gave them steadfast stubbornness, they both have the same religious beliefs, they both think alike (Even before they started dating, they finished each others sentences, its quite freaky cause they still do it and the half conversations are weird.), They both love food (One loves to cook it [mom], and the other loves to eat it [dad]).

    You have to remember, when you marry someone, you're going to be around that person for (hopefully) upwards to 40 to 60 years or even longer. If the two people involved don't have something in common or similar, the chances of the relationship lasting is kinda slim.

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    Re: Similiarity in Marriages...

    with todays society its been mix with a lot of new varieties because of technology..
    i think personality comes pretty big on this part, especially getting along...
    i mean a lot of people are starting to amp more on that then anything.
    maybe i'm not being specific but ya'll with experience know what i mean!.. >.<

    anywho, on my part, i am native & my bf is caucasion...traditions, custom & wat not...
    wasn't a big role in the relationship, it was getting along...&! the difference of each other's role in life made a lot of things interesting.


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    Re: Similiarity in Marriages...

    Altought it may turns into a bored relationship
    Many things will happen in life... i doubt similiarity would make things boring.. ^^ well it's up to the couple to me...

    all I have to say about it is love always wins
    this i got to quote..

    Well there are some cases when differences are a good thing. There are things in witch one person must balance the other, like temper- if one is agressive, the other one should be calm. Also different opinions in things makes the life a bit more interesting- you have something to tak about
    True.. ^^ well like they say nothing is perfect.. one always have a quality that wont be helpful.. even similiarity wont help

    So, my suggestion would just be living together for quite a while, being very open and finding out if they fit together before deciding on a marrige.
    hmm yes... would be sad if they found out if each other don't suit for another... and i think it is a good idea.. but this idea is not to be practised in malaysia... they'll be thinking the girl is a hooker living with that guy... well different society different view ^^

    Even before they started dating, they finished each others sentences, its quite freaky cause they still do it and the half conversations are weird
    thats cute... remind me of someone

    I think this type of couple would really be called as... totally suited for each other...

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    Re: Similiarity in Marriages...

    In my opinion, and from everything I see in the world around us, it doesn't necessarily matter.

    You see it all the time couples that are so much alike, they seem so suited and (forgive the cliché) meant for each other, splitting up. Everyone says they don't get it. If two people like them couldn't make it...

    However, some couples who are alike find strength and happiness only in someone who is like them.

    Then on the other hand.

    Two people that couldn't possibly be more different if they tried, yet they stay together till death do them part. Always a couple, even when they are thousands of miles apart. Everyone keeps saying what does he/she see in the other. I give it a year at the most, before she/he sees the errors of their way, and they split. Yet year after year they're still going strong.

    However, some time people who came together, because they found the differences fun, split once the newness wares of, and the differences are now a burden.

    How can you explain such differences?

    How can anyone point at one couple and say they will be together forever, because they couldn't possibly be more suited for each other. Same race, religious background, similar like & dislikes, same political views, same cultures, same wants and dreams for life, etc...

    How can anyone point at one couple and say they will not be together forever, because they couldn't possibly be less suited for each other. Different race, different religious background, opposite like & dislikes, opposing political views, totally different cultures, different wants and dreams for life, etc...

    I have found that compatibility does not guarantee true lasting love. It all depends on the individuals. Some people find that over time the things that brought them together are the very things that drive them apart. Also, people change and grow, not always for the better.

    So much depends on chance, doesn't it? The chance that you will find, out of the millions of people in this world, the one that you will find true lasting love with. The chance that you connect, once you do find each other.

    What about the people who find that one true lasting love, but tragedy strikes, and one is lost. Eventually the surviving one may try to find love again. They may even search for someone like the one they lost. Thinking, I found true lasting love with someone like her/him before, if I can just find someone like that again... Yet even with someone just like the other, it is not the same, because people aren't really the same.

    Sometimes it's not your similarities that will keep you growing together, but your differences. It's finding out all those little things that make you different that keeps your attention enthralled. You're always learning something new about each other. Even after 50 years, suddenly one day, you learn your partner has never liked (for arguments sake, let's say...) black jelly beans. Wow! Fifty years together, and I never knew that about you, hmmmm....

    Like I said, It's all in chance, and the individuals. With one person it may be the similarities that would keep you together, but with another person, the differences.

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