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Thread: Skanky Parents

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    Re: Skanky Parents

    I have seen that too many times...and even though it absolutely gives me the creeps.......I think I understand why they do that.....
    The women are still trying to hang on to their youth and beauty.......and after even having one kid...the person changes......they have a kid and they are responsible for it...they are no longer free to roam to the clubs or go hooking up with some guy......
    And the way they dress.....is sort of rebelling against the society and the world and even to the family.....

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    Re: Skanky Parents

    Quote Originally Posted by tsurara View Post
    What's wrong with people? O_o; Is it like this in the US?
    I don't know about anywhere else, but here in Michigan I see 6-8 year olds dressing like that.

    It's funny, all I can say is people do what they want.

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    Re: Skanky Parents

    O.o Oh my... That is really... digusting!!!!!!!!!! Indeed, what are those people thinking?!!o.O
    Well I can surely say that you don't see that a lot in London or in Latvia, maybe because it gets REALLY cold here or maybe just because women don't find it necessary... women either know they are pretty without all that stuff, or they find it senceless to dress up just for men to like how they look...
    I don't find it necessary too... it really couldn't be possible that you just feel more comfortable if you have almost nothing on the lower part of your body (though you get extra ventilation ), it's ussually just to attract attention. But why attract attention!? Especially if you're married!!?? Sheesh! If you find your only beauty in short skirts then sorry... you must go to a psychologist...

    Well wearing short skirts in winter could lead to serious health problems, that's kinda obvious, isn't it? There are other oddities in London though- you'll see many people walking in simple shoes in winter and with no socks!!!! Sheesh! And also... I haven't seen that much people wearing coats here...
    I would never let my children dress like that. Because it can damage their health and because it brings too much attention from the opposite sex (don't wonder why you got raped afterwards so to say).

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    Re: Skanky Parents

    it's here too... but i went to private school, took the bus and that kind of stuff so i've never seen a real real skank before...

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    Re: Skanky Parents

    Quote Originally Posted by Descended From Darkness View Post
    It seems to me that a lot of guys (here) like girls who dress like skanks.
    Really? You think so? I mean, don't get me wrong; I like to see the occasional scantily clad woman. I like to see women dress a bit sexy, but when you take it and make it an everyday thing, it goes from sexy to skanky real quick. I mean, would you expect a woman to show up to an interview in those types of clothing? Or find a BF for that matter? Maybe a 'John', MAYBE a BF; but it would be a real shallow one. >_<

    Were I to have a girlfriend, or even a child with another woman; I would expect her to keep the sexy clothes for 'special' occasions, y'know? I couldn't be seen in public with a woman who dresses like a street-walker, 24/7. It's not becoming of me. Maybe once every blue moon. I'd personally prefer a woman to dress casually more than provocatively. Plus, to pass that habit down to your child is like saying, "Here's my slutty daughter! Which one of you has candy for her to eat and a car to jump in??"

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    Re: Skanky Parents

    I'm always surprised my clothing these days. Adults are one thing, because if we want top portray ourselves a certain way, then that is our perogative, but I think our culture is getting to the point where we feel like an acceptance of sexuality is needed, at any cost, even if it is by forcing it on people.

    And of course, clothing companies only stand to make money off of this. I remember when I was younger, and in middle school, that I would occasionally hear girls talk about how they would wear something that would please their parents when they went out the door, but brought along other clothes in their backpack and would change when they got to school. WHere they got these clothes is a mystery, as this was before anyone had a job. I can think of some ways, I guess.

    Anyway, the long and short of it is that adult figures, and specifically this generation of youth obsessed young mothers, is failing its children in being role models.

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    Re: Skanky Parents

    oh hunnie the us is like this

    all the time
    and im one of em
    and thats ok. it doesnt bother anyone here anymore.
    as long as you cant see directly through the clothes its alright.

    now for more proper things
    people need to have some form of decency
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