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Thread: Smoking

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    Re: Smoking

    I'm not big on smoking cigs myself, more of a weed smoker (Everyone else: "No, Really? We didn't know THAT!") Sarcastic bastards, lol.

    Anyways, while I can subsist off of a couple drags a week, almost everyone else I know chain smokes. I can tolerate it for a bit, but eventually the smoke makes me a bit queasy in the gut, especially if we're all in my car.

    my friend Glenn, who's also keeping away from the tobaccy, insists to everyone that they smoke outside on the balcony at his apartment. Not that anyone observes that rule closely at all......

    Either way, no matter how much people whine and moan about cigarette smoke, it'll still be wafting in the air somewhere.

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    Re: Smoking

    I'm smoking as I'm typing this, LOL.

    I also think that it's pretty rude when people have somethin' sideways to say about smoking and/or smokers while we're in the act. If we're in public and there's a smoking section in said public location and if you KNOW you're goin' to a place where there's gonna be smokers there; shouldn't you be waived of the right to comoplain??

    There's a smoking ban here in Minnesota that prevents us from smoking in resturants and bars. I can understand resturants to a certain degree. But in bars??? Smoking and drinking kinda come hand in hand--if you're a habitual smoker. If I drink, I'm gonna want a cig and later, mayber another (or even more than that). Bars are where adults and adults only gather to hang out and have a good time; maybe have a drink and a few smokes to relax. Why is it that grown people can't just "man-up"? I gotta go outside in the winter cold and smoke when I go out to drink, because a bunch of grown-ass babies can't accept the fact that adults are entitled to the right to smoke as they please.

    I drink at home mostly now. At least there, I can smoke in my own house without ridicule. *Ashes cigarette.*

    Smoking shouldn't be banned. They should make better smoker's sections. At Mystic Lake Casino (in Minnesota), they put all the non-smokers in the same room as the smokers--in the bingo hall--and they're separated by a large glass wall to keep all the smoke out and still see all the action.*Note: Casinos are the only legal place to smoke indoors in MN besides your own home.*

    So, why can't they do that with ALL public places?

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    Re: Smoking

    Meh, I don't mind smokers. I've got some friends that smoke, and it's their choice, I also know people would smoke that've tried to quit and just can't. I just don't see how anyone could derive anything from them, so I've stayed away from them. Both my parents used to smoke, but they both quit going cold turkey. (though my dad still chewed for years.).

    I will admit the only thing more annoying than second-hand smoke, are people wasting their breath complaining about it. I mean, we've basically banned smoking every public place short of outside, so if you're in a place where you know smokers go, you shouldn't be complaining.

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    Re: Smoking

    smoking is as everyone knows bad for your lungs and could possibly create cancer.
    so why do it???i still dont understand.

    ..."dont pretend to know me ... when i dont even know myself..."

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    Re: Smoking

    Quote Originally Posted by anonymous View Post
    smoking is as everyone knows bad for your lungs and could possibly create cancer.
    so why do it???i still dont understand.
    Because it helps people relax, also it becomes habit forming, and there are many of those who get addicted to the nicotine it has in it at some level. The addiction for some is easy to over come, and for others very difficult. I have known people who have tried to quit smoking, come to school and looked and felt painfully sick. One of my friends actually passed out on me when I was talking to him at lunch because he was going through withdrawals. I have know many people who have smoked, and from my observation, not worth getting involved with. But if other people want to, that’s their prerogative.

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    Re: Smoking

    Yeah, but start smoking because it helps you to relax at the risk of having a bad stamina or even lung cancer afterwards? Nah.
    Of course it's everyone's choice but not one I'd make.
    You are now breathing manually. :P


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    Re: Smoking

    *just finished my morning smoke*

    Pretty much everywhere there is a smoking ban here in Winnipeg. The casinos, bars, restaurants, and now even cars if there are minors in the vehicle.

    I just want to ask, how many of you nay-sayers actually smoked or have smoked? If you've picked up a cigarette before and smoked for more than a year you can understand to some point. It didn't hit me that smoking was ruining my body until just a few years ago, and I've been smoking for almost seven years.

    I started as a kid, when I hung out with mostly boys. I thought it was cool and I felt rebellious and scandalous. But now that I'm older and thoroughly hooked I realize smoking was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I've tried quitting and it hasn't worked, but I won't take any drugs or go on the patch like I've seen some of my other friends do, even though the drugs have worked.

    My one friend is a year and half clean but he used Zyban or something.

    All I want to know is why are people so judgmental and unsympathetic to smokers, I'm sure they've had some tough times dealing their own habits.
    the love you withhold is the pain you carry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLawEdmiNd View Post
    Well, as a smoker I find it rude when people say mean things and leave the area when I come 'round, cigarette a'blazing.

    I can understand why people would leave, I don't like the smell of second hand smoke either, but there's something wrong with judging a smoker by their addiction. Yes, smoking hard to quit, harder than many narcotics. I once heard someone say that heroin and nicotine are the hardest drugs to quit.

    Now, I'll give you some info here. Smoking becomes a psychological addiction that situates itself deeply into your brain. Us human smoke for pleasure and once the first smoke is taken one can become addicted, which is a scientific fact. We smoke for comfort, for fun, for lack of a better activity. When the body is introduced to any number of foreign agents it becomes familiar to them. Now that the body is aware of these things, it wants more after the first time.

    The ability to inhibit these urges is lost. That is, the brain sees that something is missing and demands the body to take in these things. That is an addiction.

    But anyway, do you think smoking should be banned completely from public places, indoor and outdoor allowed only in private residences where the owner permits?

    Perhaps designated areas should be put in place.

    I to am a smoker and i know of exactly what you speak of society tends to look down on smokers i was having this same conversation with a friend but thats just what society tends to do to things they don't understand or want to for the matter if i want to smoke i will it's my choice and i will do as i please.

    i have noticed lately people looking down on smokers even when they know nothing about smoking as soon as that cigarette touches your lip they have a opinion of you let me know the hardships of your life's with smoking .
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