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Thread: Smoking

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    Re: Smoking

    well my mum just resently stoped and when she was quitting she was like a cat she would have went though u for a short cut but i have tryed it a few times ( 5 times tops) i should admit and i dont like it so i dont do it anymore but i also hate 2nd hand smoke and i dont like it ether i actuly used to never be able to go into my granda's house because of the smell since i couldnt breath and i dont walk away from people just cos they smell of smoke in school alot of people i know who are in classes with me have me smell them to make sure they DONT smell of smoke before class but i can deal with it personaly as long as its not really really stong

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    Re: Smoking

    Nicorette gum could help the addiction to nicotine. My relative quit cold turkey and said it wasn't hard. He looked like he gained weight though. My brother and niece smoke outside the office. I tried smoking when I was five.. just ended up coughing a lot. Took mom's cigarettes and broke them in half... (a spanking followed). In California there's heavy taxes for smoking and commercials exposing the death machines tobacco companies are. Don't judge the smoker... just the smoke. I've seen lungs of smokers... look like old burnt steak. BLeah. The media makes it seem cool.. with the marlboro man and flappers. Just takes time for reality to catch up. Smokers say so what if it shortens your life?.. it's the last 20 years anyway when you are old and wrinkled. They will gag and wheeze through it with respirator saying smoking is so sexy.

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    Re: Smoking

    I don't think it should be banned I just think that it should be controlled and contained. I mean smoke outside for goodness sake. If you really wanna smoke that shouldn't really matter to you. And for those who don't want to smell the smoke it pleases both parties. Nonsmokers don't have to deal with the smell and such. And smokers get to get their smoke on lol. Compromise is the solution in my mind.

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    Re: Smoking

    Quote Originally Posted by FLawEdmiNd View Post
    *just finished my morning smoke*

    Pretty much everywhere there is a smoking ban here in Winnipeg. The casinos, bars, restaurants, and now even cars if there are minors in the vehicle.

    I just want to ask, how many of you nay-sayers actually smoked or have smoked? If you've picked up a cigarette before and smoked for more than a year you can understand to some point. It didn't hit me that smoking was ruining my body until just a few years ago, and I've been smoking for almost seven years.

    I started as a kid, when I hung out with mostly boys. I thought it was cool and I felt rebellious and scandalous. But now that I'm older and thoroughly hooked I realize smoking was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I've tried quitting and it hasn't worked, but I won't take any drugs or go on the patch like I've seen some of my other friends do, even though the drugs have worked.

    My one friend is a year and half clean but he used Zyban or something.

    All I want to know is why are people so judgmental and unsympathetic to smokers, I'm sure they've had some tough times dealing their own habits.
    4. A proprietor may allow smoking in
    (a) an area of a health care facility, or personal care home designated by the board of the health care facility or personal care home and for use by residents or in patients of the facility or home only;
    (b) guest rooms in hotels, motels and inns;
    (c) any tobacconist shop;
    provided that the area, room or tobacconist shop is physically separated and enclosed by a ceiling and floor to ceiling walls and doors from any adjacent
    By-law No. 88/2003 4
    or attached enclosed public place, private club; or private function.

    these are the amendments for winnipeg smoking bylaws and also it is not yet banned from your vehicles regardless of who is in them. lol

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    Re: Smoking

    This thread's been inactive for long enough, Closing

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