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Thread: Smoking in Public Places

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    Re: Smoking in Public Places

    see a flaw in this metaphor... Eating candy does not threaten a non-candy eater with sudden death. Smoking does threaten sudden death to non-smokers suffering from severe asthma or other chronic lung diseases...
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    So our lungs could be just as bad thanks to Second hand from people that smoke so ethier way the smoking people has doom us all, I wish those Dam cigerrets were never created

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    Re: Smoking in Public Places

    smoking in public places is wrong...because it may harass other people...if someone smoking at restaurant plus beside me...i would totally kick his ass...well,maybe not(cause i don't brave enough to do that)but,i would totally said something that will make him mad...or something like the end it will make them stop smoking at the exact place...

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    Re: Smoking in Public Places

    Aaah. So you're telling me beyond a shadow of a doubt that smokers are people you react to violently? Hmm, that's not nice my friend.

    I'm smoking right now; it helps me think all my thoughts into words that arrange nicely. It helps me when I can't find the perfect element to use in Photoshop, when I'm paranoid or nervous, when I can't sleep, when I'm scared or stressed.

    I am heavily dependent on smoking to get me through the day.

    After years if having a cigarette between my fingers it's become a part of myself. For instance: if you are not a regular wearer of hats you might find that you bump into walls or other things. This is because you are aware of where your body is and you move yourself around with that awareness, the hat is a new part which you are not use to accomadating.

    Smoking is the opposit for the addicted person.

    I'm obviouly biased here D: however you all have the right to discriminate against me based on my personal choice. This is legitimately fair.

    There's much stigma around smoking because it's so unhealthy. Why is it legal? Why is the goverment allowing this to be legal? Why are the people allowing this to be legal?

    It makes money and does, somehow, help people. Certain places should be no smoking areas but the wider world is no one's jurisdiction. Also, why are you concerned with butt's?

    Turn your eyes to plastic which has what? A 1000 year life span outside of a recycling plant? Something drastic at least. Don't act like you haven't littered before.

    The only time I ever feel uneasy walking around "bad" areas of the city is when I don't smokes. Those "bad" people share something in common with me and by expressing that I feel more safe because I have what they want and it's not hard to ask considering I'm willing to give. Call it false comfort, it still works.
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    Re: Smoking in Public Places

    i dont smoke, i used to smoke, and all it did was make my health worse than it already was and i pay enough for medical bills as it is with out the lung and phlem problems. but i dont have anything against anyone who does since its their choice to do it.

    for smoking in public places, thats a big issue and im from illinois and its illegal to smoke in a public place, which is anyplace that more than two people are residing at the time. the fine for it is around 100 to 300 $ depending on where your at, and how many people are there at the time your caught.

    That came into effect because of the health care, and second hand smoking which many people were getting. So that bill came into effect for people who are more likley to get second hand smoke intake and cancer from it. For the most part it doesnt really do anything for the most part but make alot of business get frustrated, because they lost many customers, which of many smoke inside, or in a smoking area outside. Which now they cant use now and have lost, or gone out of business. Many cops dont enforce the law either unless someone calls them first for the action like most any of things.

    so the only thing that i can really say is if you dont want to be around the smoke move away until their done smoking, or deal with it at the time, which most people do one or the other. I deal with it if they smoke it doesnt bother me that much, and if i dont want to deal with it i go to another part of the room. You cant stop someone from doing what they wanna do, they have a right to smoke if they want, and when they want.

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    Re: Smoking in Public Places

    I'm mostly against smoking in public places because of the fact that passive smokers have greater chances to diseases than normal smokers. I tend to avoid places where this activity is allowed.

    Anyway, I'd like to smoke one day...Out of curiosity, of course. I don't plan on doing it daily.
    I don't hate/discriminate people who are addicted to cigaretts or something like that. It's their own choice. I feel sorry for the ones who depend on them, want to get rid of the addiction, but don't have the necessary will to achieve their goal.

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    Re: Smoking in Public Places

    Dead thread, closing.

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