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Thread: Is something wrong with today's youth?

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    Is something wrong with today's youth?

    Or am I just overreacting?

    I've been noticing changes in my society lately... The biggest ones have to be the prevalence of idiocy, ignorance, and lack of decency in much of the youth that live in my community. Take for example, the lack of helmets when skateboarding and/or riding bikes. The skirmishes happening in the middle of streets. The one where cars are supposed to drive. All the obscenities being yelled out in my gated community park, when just seven metres away are little children. The unawareness of the Holocaust's existence in even 7th graders. The pants hanging off many male junior highschoolers and above. The garbage music of the pop culture. The inability to spell the word "couch" in fifth graders. The... Crimaney, I could go on, and on, and on...

    Is all this just limited to my area? Is it something widespread? Am I just seeing phases of adolescence being turned into hell by modern society's pop culture and thus standards? Should I be worried about the way society is turning? Is there anything we can, and/or should do about it?

    Oh, and let me tell you, the roadkill is all the more gorey without a helmet!
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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    To be fair, every youth generation has been criticized by older people for being different in their ways than the older people's youth generation.

    The cussing and "garbage music" (BTW, I DO think mainstream music is shit, and I'm 17) and odd ways that your criticizing us for are the same kind of things that the adults of the late sixties said about the teenagers protesting, listening to rock, and becoming hippies.

    I do, however, agree with you about the stupidity of some of the other kids.
    But that is not really their fault. It's mostly the public schools' faults for giving up on some kids and saying that they can't help them anymore. (Unless, of course, the student drops out)

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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    Society as a whole is changeing, I'm afraid, and not for the better. The media and other things have desensitized the next generation to the horrors of violence and instilled no morals on others. The next generation is one with the mind set that it isn't my fault and I don't really have to take responsablity for my actions. Not the values that I like to see in people. Now there are a few that are still good, but the numbers are declining. As for who is to blame, well I think everyone who doesn't take responsabilty for their own actions is to blame. The childern learn from those around them. I hope that we can fix the problem but the outlook now is very bad. If people don't take control soon then the goverment will and no one will have any choice in the matter. If that comes to pass it will be a very sad day indeed.

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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    The whole of humanity is riddled and infested with stupidity. It's not just the kids. It's you. It's me. It's everyone. Human beings as a whole suffer from selfishness and complexes that include how nothing outside their bedroom affects them.
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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    Well..nothing new there......
    Of course I can't help but notice the youth in this generation,,,but like someone else told before me....this happened before.with the other generations...and I do not think that the older people should be worried because I am positive that one day...they were the crazy teenagers who listened to the crazy music and did not give a damn about anyone else but themselves...
    But people outgrow that..and I know that when I get older..i will be criticizing the youth in my generation..saying "what in the world are they thinking about?"....and it is so ironic because that is how the adults look at me and my friends.....

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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    It's really hard for me to judge today's youth because, now, I'm viewing them with adult eyes. I have to force myself to remember how it felt to be that age.

    My generation was the "youth of the day" in the 80's when punk, new wave, and "valley talk" was all the rage. We were seen as obscene and disrespectful to older people then. Back then, the older generations thought the future was in big trouble but most of us grew up and turned out well adjusted, law abiding adults. I'm sure the same was thought of the youth of the 60's and 70's as well.

    I think youth is a time of rebellion no matter what generation you are from and the majority end up okay in the end. Every generation has its own unique rites of passage.

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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    Honestly, I don't think there is much change. In my opinion this has always existed and it doesn't just exist in youth. To me, just plain stupidity has always been around. It just seems more prevalent now because it is our present time (the past never seems as severe as the present) and it is more exposed because of the media.

    But in the end there will always be examples of stupidity from children, teens, and adults. I will admit that teenagers or children seem to be more stupid sometimes because many have the mindset that nothing really bad can happen to me and in the end things will always be all right. If that mindset is in place, than it makes sense that the individual will be more risky and make more stupid decisions than someone else. The good thing is that sort of mindset will usually be broken in time after said individual becomes more mature and acquires more life experience.

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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    i am horrified at the ways things are going right now (i'm 16), the prevalence of drugs and violence in teens is astounding. Also, i don't want to hear "its the teacher's fault for giving up". The culture now has taut us that being smart isn't cool, most idiots give up on themselves long before teachers stop trying. I am proud to say that i maintain a 3.8 gpa in a private christian school that is also an unbelievable 2.5 years ahaead of every public school in the county; and it is so because algebra I is a senior course in the nearest high school!

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