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Thread: Is something wrong with today's youth?

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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    Quote Originally Posted by Innerhell View Post
    The whole of humanity is riddled and infested with stupidity. It's not just the kids. It's you. It's me. It's everyone. Human beings as a whole suffer from selfishness and complexes that include how nothing outside their bedroom affects them.

    I couldn't agree more!!! This is a reason FOR misanthropy! YAY misanthropy!

    But yeah, things are worse from what I rememer though (Yet I'm not old...x.X) kids dress like whores now. I'm one of those people who ell obscenities of course. Also the arrogance and how it all is (This really applies to EVERYONE).

    Note: I would have a longer BETTER post, but due to otime issues, I can't.

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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?


    ...oh, I'm supposed to explain? But I thought just "Yes" explained it SO thoroughly! ... well, I guess ILikeApples5520 explained it best...

    EVERY GENERATION has complained about their Youth changing for the worse... that society was going to burn in hell... that there's no hope in our futures...

    *sigh* And stop with the emo posts saying that the entire human race is "riddled and infested" with stupidity. Yes, I know it's true. I've been at the same position as you people to look down at the human race with disgrace, and seeing myself as a part of the problem.
    But cut the crap and the drama and look at it this way "The animals themselves don't give a crap about the 'drama' that takes fold around the world... why should you? Live as they do and survive." Wanna' change the world? Words and philosophies can only get you so far... Actions can only get you so far...

    Live it. And let others learn it.
    We're so selfish as to say others are to be blamed for the horridness in society today, and we add in "I suck too" to make ourselves seem understanding to that point. If that's what you really felt, you coulda' just killed yourself and ended your part of the problem.

    ... well, enough of that.

    Our society is NOT going to hell. Our morals and dignity are not down the drain.
    They're young. They were taught wrong. And just like you and me, who were a disgrace to our parents, they'll grow up and realize how stupid they were.

    Yes, little by little a respectful gesture disappears... but you're not looking at the whole picture: We lose some to gain some. We get rid of a respectful rule, to give the freedom we "promised" to give. To let us do actions, and be held accountable for them. More and more laws seem to be made to give people more movement, and more punishments. And this is because SOCIETY IS MOVING.
    If you don't like the direction it's going, move to another country. Live in the forest. Live in a swamp. You DON'T HAVE TO BE LIKE THEM.

    ...and I may talk like a saint, but I'd punch a kid in the face if he tried back-talking me. I'd punch him REALLY HARD. And I'd feel SOOOO GOOD in doing so... *haa~~~*

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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    it's obvious...yes. sadly, it's a predestined fate of the next generation. today the younger youth are in a uncontrollable state compared to their predecessors. how ironic...predecessors are successful compared the successors.

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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    Well yes the youth is getting worst because we have more tecnolgoly sorry about the spelling and thats whats causing the bad things into days youth but even back then kids have been lazy and acted up so thats not weird .

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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    Youth has come to a point where it is going down bit by bit. Not only here in America but in the whole world. I am from Latin America and there shamefully the youth has lost respect for almost everything. Young men from very early ages see and treat girls as sex objects. And when I say very early ages I am talking about 13 foreward. The respect to one another has been gone. And I don't even want to mention the respect towards old people... "those old rags what are they going to know about life?" ya know what I mean "doooooooog" ?"
    We as young people believe we know it all and we know how to handle ourselves. hummmmmmmm.... and that "I know it all" syndrome is hitting earlier ages everytime.
    Nothing less from Pyro ^_^ Great Sig ^_^ THANK YOU!!!!
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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    Please don't forget, there's a lot of good to be seen in today's youth as well. Many of us are bright, kind, law-abiding people. Since we don't parade our idiocy, you just don't notice as many of us.

    There are countless things wrong with today's youth.

    And. There are many problems with today's adult population, as well. Have you watched the news lately? Kept up with politics?

    If the kids are acting like jackasses, where do you think they're getting it from?

    [Draw me a sheep!]

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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    I have seen that our generation changes, there is a HUGE gap between me and my little sister who is 9 years younger than me. Music, style, speaking style, education...Just about
    everything. But I am not entitled to criticize her at those aspects. Well maybe in education,
    like my mother was entitled to criticize me. But after all, every generation is different, like it
    was said before 60's was one really radical experience.

    Love hurts...trust me I know, I really do...

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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    *sigh* adults are always picking on the youth. Suppose cuz they reason they can beat us in an argument because afterall we're all so ignorant we can't properly defend ourselves in an intelligent conversation. Come on, are you for real?

    Society is not as bad as you think, first off. I'm willing to ignore your attacks on modern pop culture and music simply because I have no doubts I'll be critizing it myself when I reach middle age. And don't just look at the "bad kids" in today's youth. All my friends for the most part are smoke free, non-alcoholic, intelligent people who still know how to have a good time, and see just as much entertainment in today's society as our fellow "idiots." I think the reason it's seems worse is because so much more of it is visible in our society today is because of all our new media; particularly the internet. The internet is someplace where you can log in as a fake name and unleash all your prejudices onto the people who view the page and virtually not get in trouble for it. TV and movies are more violent and sexual, but we still have our own masterpieces in this generation. Even if you could bring back the good ole' days, would you really want to? I wouldn't, because knowing what we know now, it would never be the same. So what's wrong? Nothing's wrong, it's the same old story of the old generation clashing with the new generation only in a different time.

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