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Thread: Is something wrong with today's youth?

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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    mm i think alot of people are just saying that we think todays youth is bad because they are adults.....well im 16...a teenager....
    and i do think that todays youth has gone down...DRAMATICALLY..its really sad.
    everyday at school i see alot of people who just dont care.
    and they like to blame everything on other people.
    some like to say its the teacher fault they are failing
    say its ok to cheat. think its ok to have sex at like 13 or 14
    they think its ok to do drugs and get high. and say as long as they are passing a class that they are doing fine.
    they are lazy. they think that listening to a three word song it cool.
    that a song talking about banging a girl is all the rage. yea its stupid. i think that this generation is the stupdest fatest and most ignorant generation. they have no repsect for elders and like to think of themselves as invisable. yea what ever.
    so yea this generation is SCREWED UP.

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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    I don't think that all youth is that bad but yeah there's a majority high of them ... and kids in Iraq carry guns and knives to rob people in the public and are ready to kill anyone without a moment hesitation (i'm from Iraq so i know the best) ,so what do you think about that?
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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    If you think about it, generations above us were thought of the same way they think of us. I mean at some point who would have thought... Girls in pants all the time gasp!

    But apart from that, I'm 18 and notice more and more how ignorant youth is compared to other generations, especially my own.

    I've also noticed they have got more lazy and wasteful habbits. For example... Look around at some neighborhoods. In mine you can tell who's old, in the middle ages, and young people. Old peoples house are nicely kept, with their yards mowed at least once a week. Middle aged people have it mowed maybe not as often, and they may have a few toys scattered around. Young people, the grass needs to be mowed because they do it maybe once a month...maybe. Toys are outside, some that probably shouldn't be.

    Then I also look at how long they keep their jobs... Most youth don't keep their job longer then a few months. They either quit because they don't like it or they actually have to... WORK. Wow imagine that having to work at your job.

    It's a little scary, because if you look at some of these people's children... They're cussing, wining all the time, yelling and fighting. I mean all children do, but it seems to get worse with each generation because of what they are raised around. We sat the example for them. That's our future, just as we were to the generations before us...

    Moral of the paragraph is... Our generation is lazy, wasteful, spoiled, selfish (as is everyone), and often unreliable. If it it keeps going in that direction the future is going to be aweful.

    Just my opinion

    As far as music goes... I really don't like listening to songs about strippers and sex all that much either

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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    This is an age old question that will not stop for every generationwill always ask this question and it seems like it's age and norms vesus what the youth for that generation is doing. I don't think there is something wrong with the youth adults need tocommunicate more to who they consider youth to know what is on their minds.
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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    I wouldn't necessarily say that it was today's youth that was to blame. More like its the way the kids are raised. A lot of women around here use their TVs as baby sitters and rarely discipline their kids or even sit down and chat with them about the things going on in their lives. I think it's important to communicate with your kids. And it's realy not harmful to set boundaries (as long as you don't get extreme about it). It shows kids that you care about them and don't want them to get hurt. I know a few people that wished their parents had set boundaries and limits and not tried to just be their best friends.

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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    To answer the original question , Is something wrong with today's youth?

    No. They are acting the way youth are expected to act. Just as adults complaining about today youth are acting as they are expected to. It just shows how out of touch the adults are in regards to the younger generation(s).

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    Re: Is something wrong with today's youth?

    The problem isn't the youth it is the pop culture.

    Every generation has youth who place more importance on themselves then anyone else and immerses themselves completely in popular culture as the only judgment that counts. Now take a good look at current popular culture and ask yourself it that would be a good role model for any person to immerse in?

    A nightmare for anyone is for others from another country to assume that whatever face their pop culture shows is really true; all blacks carry guns and belong to gangs, all women sleep with anyone they see, cops blow up cars on a regular basis, and Stallone is running around with a machine gun in his trunk. Now imagine someone who lives there who thinks it is true or at least should be.

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