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Thread: Soul or Brain, which is the real you?

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    Soul or Brain, which is the real you?

    Franco, if a very skilled doctor was somehow able to transfer your brain into another body, would your personhood reside in your original body or travel with your brain?

    This was a question that Loknkey asked me, which turned into a little debate between us on the Abortion thread, and I wanted to expand on this question with everyone else with this additional ?, Do you think that your brain is your true self or do you think that your soul is your true self? So if your brain is switched from your original body will you still be you, or will you be something else?

    For me I would say I don't think you will be the same, but something different because if you believe in the "soul", and if your body dies then in theory shouldn't your soul leave your body and take everything that was with you (Memories,etc.) into the after life? I think so, for example even though the book, Frankenstein, is a work of fiction, look at the monster, the brain was taken from a fresh dead body by Dr.Frankenstein and the monster didn't act human (have memories or act like the person that it was) at all once the brain was place into it's body, instead it was a monster. So that is why I say the soul is your true self.

    But what do you think?, what's your thought about this question, and please say why you stand behind your decision and not just say the soul, or brain, let's have fun with this topic.

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    Re: Soul or Brain, which is the real you?

    I believe once the brain is taken from a body, it has died. The true you was constructed by this brain, so therefore it dies with the big lump of fat.

    Yet, being a strong believer in spiritual forces, one's soul would be able to transcend this limitation, but i do not think your soul can pass from one body to the next. After all, the soul's vessel can only be your original body, in my opinion.
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    Re: Soul or Brain, which is the real you?

    Interesting topic. imo it Depends if the soul is apart of the brain or not. While the brain is the sort of like the thinking part of the body - we really don't know if its the only 'important' part. How do we know that there isn't something else that makes us..well us (in which the soul is attached to?) and if that the case then like you said Neodeath - once the brain is removed we really are just dead.
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    Re: Soul or Brain, which is the real you?

    Once you die your soul would theoretically leave your body so I would think that you wouldn't be yourself anymore.

    As for being brought back to life now that's the mystery that will never be solved lol, I would hope your spirit comes back from where ever it went and into you " brain ".


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    Re: Soul or Brain, which is the real you?

    Someone can receive a hand or a heart transplant and retain the same personality. Theoretically, doesn't it seem possible for someone to receive a whole body transplant, piece by piece, except for the brain, yet still remain the same person? Also, why is it that a person can lose their personality and memories due to brain injury or illness? If the soul is separate from the brain, then this shouldn't be the case, right?

    Then again, if the soul is a part of the brain, how does Ichigo leave his brain behind when he turns into a soul reaper? har har

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    Re: Soul or Brain, which is the real you?

    The brain is a biological computer that houses eletrical synapsis that retain electrical charges. This "electrical" charge is unique to each individual. I concider this to be the physical embodiment of the soul.

    So, both are real to me.

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    Re: Soul or Brain, which is the real you?

    The human brain, does it matter if we transfer one human brain from a dead body to a man made body. Does it really change who we are, yes we will look different but does one person look really change who we are
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    Re: Soul or Brain, which is the real you?

    To really get a better answer is to ask the right question. And that question is... What is a thought? A thought is nothing more then electrical signals passing through chemicl path ways we call brain cells. A persons persanality and what they learn is stored in these chemical paths ways and are carried along with the electrical current. Sorta like your own persanal free floating electronic library. The internet is a prime exaple of this. Its a free floating electrical signal information and the brain very well works the same way. And sense by definition, a soul is considered a mass of energy created by ones own self. So memory and persanol thoughts and persanality can be copy and pasted to ones soul. So in a way they are one and the same.

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