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Thread: Stubborness and Arrogance, ne1 from Trinidad!

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    Angry Stubborness and Arrogance, ne1 from Trinidad!

    It's simple, i think...they are both part of one another.
    Arrogance is when one has the slightest inkling something will work...
    And will then stick with it forever, boasting of their new found knowledge.
    For example, a general in a war; he uses a particular strategy.He wins, gaining glory from the king...He might keep using the that strategy for many years, spilling the whole blueprint of it everytime he gets drunk or wins a battle. However, he refuses to give it up after losing 4 or 5 battles,or even a lifetime of battles...
    (this is but one example of the arrogance of my government...)
    Stubborness is basically the same thing as arrogance, except...they keep everything to themselves. They are quiet persons who usually stick to what they are doing, maybe they'll see what might be a better way, but they always stick to THEIR WAY.

    I really am angry at the way my government is running my country, and they refuse to get help from an1 else. I don't know when some1 go kidnap all the political leaders and chuck em in a room to see who will commit suicide first!
    My best bet, is it'll be COP leader. or maybe manning might kill both UNC & COP! Cause Panday and Dookeran look like they can't really do nething 4 themseles. I find the ELDERLY should STAY in the RETIREMENT HOME!!!!!

    Ur views if any?....
    Life's short so have a laugh about it

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    Re: Stubborness and Arrogance, ne1 from Trinidad!

    ur lucky that u got someone from trinidad to answer this thread. i agree with ya, that's why i hate politics so much.
    They act as if they dont have an expeience running the country. we need a new govermnent

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