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Thread: Suicide: acceptable or not?

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    Re: Suicider: acceptable or not?

    personally i have tried killing myself numerous times and failed cuase someone found me before i died but i don't advise it other than hurting your family it makes you kinda crazy but now that i have found someone to live for i am happy for the first time in my life and i just wish i wouldn't have tried at all
    i cry inside for life anew i die each time im torn in two i live for earth and die for none along comes a god who will always bring peace and tranquility

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    Re: Suicider: acceptable or not?

    Quote Originally Posted by anime_being_god View Post
    I think your very right when saying suicide is a selfish act...because it really is, making your family members suffer the lost of a loved one, and on top of that making them feel as if they were worthless because you wouldnt come to them to seek help.

    But this is by no means the case for every suicide, Ive been reading on some suicide forums and when people are talking about suicide, they address it as if it were not a problem at all, they were even people discussing how to commit suicide in differents ways wanting to make it look like a natural death so that their family might not suffer as much from grief. They simply look at life as if were a joke.

    Hmm, id have to diasgree with suicide being seeing as selfish.

    Becuase i think its very selfish of the freinds and/or family to expect
    that person to live with the unbearable pain that theyre goin thru just for their own happiness.

    One way or another, someones gonna suffer.
    That you cannot escape, freinds and family can move on,
    the person commiting sucide either suffers forever, or dies
    for indifference so that they may not feel the pain.

    Oh and some people commit suicide just becuase they dont care for life, not just beecuase theyre suffering or "give up".

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    Re: Suicider: acceptable or not?

    you would also have to think what the reason is for that person... say if they were being slowley killed would it not be a smart thing to kill oneself more quickly... that or escape... that I think would be a "good" kind but as people have said it would be a "bad" kind if one killed one self because one could not deal with ones life anymore.... ya....
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    Re: Suicide: acceptable or not?

    Well, in my point of veiw, I don't exsactly aprove it, but I can understand WHY they would want to commit suicide...

    I mean, I used to want to before, but I never really had the courage too lol ^^' So, well, I can understand where people who feel like that are coming from. I mean, it isn't selfish to feel pain and misery and want to end it all. I think it's understandable, just that instead of just ending it, you should like get help or something. Because sometimes people who are suicidle don't realise there IS someone that cares, so yeah. That's why I let my friends know I care for them, so hopefully they'll be okay...but, yeah.

    That's just how I see it in my veiw, though there are probably people who see it much diffrently. ^^

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    Re: Suicide: acceptable or not?

    hmm its sad to know that ppl would want to do this..but really there is nothng we can do..but be there for them and TRY to make them feel love and wanted and show them that they DO have a purpose in life..but i understand why ppl feel this way..even though i never wanted to do that..but this world is so hard to live in,just with daily routines,dealing with ppl.,money problems,relationship.and the list goes on..but i do agree on the fact thats it wrong..but we just have to accpet it cuz some people cant just handle life unlike others and deal with it

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    Re: Suicide: acceptable or not?

    Quote Originally Posted by sarcosuchus View Post
    Here is another human behavior that confuse me, suicidal; suicidal is the equivalent of murder except you do it to yourself I am just wondering If we should accept people who do that since life is a very special gift that god give us then they will just take it away. You what is your opinion?

    well here is the catch i have on this one. While i don't condone suicide i mean i also don't believe in giving up on myself or people I care about. While it is true that these people find it hard to step back a bit for a while and feel so much pain that it affects them psychologically.Giving up on yourself is also saying you are unwilling to move forward and use the gifts that God gave you to make something for yourself. It is more than selfish for me . It's like saying you don't believe God has put you on this earth for a reason and stopped believing in everything and that no one can help you , not even the one who created you.
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    Re: Suicide: acceptable or not?

    Suicide is just another excuse not to go to school.

    I think its dumb, work out your problem before you kill your self. but that's just me im too chicken to kill my self lol i hate getting hurt.
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: Suicide: acceptable or not?

    i dont really care, because its different for everyone, and how long they have been doing or attempting something like this.
    while some people scoff at others who are suicidal, they dont know a whole story and think its from a dumb reason when it could be from something way beyond their knowing. Most suicidal people have severe depression, or the like, and sometimes meds, and theropy doesnt help. Everyone makes their own choices and if this is what they chose to do then its really nobodies business.

    but while the emo trend has reappeared it makes life harder for the people who really need the help. It is harder because now its not taken seriously as it should be for alot of people why some people are just wanting attention, and following a trend.

    alot of cultures veiw suicide as a honerable death, rather than somwething to frown upon, especially if it for national pride, or honor in ones self.

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