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Thread: Teenage Wasteland

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    Re: Teenage Wasteland

    The boy should stay expelled and the father should have to pay for damages to the school for trying to ruin their reputation. The boy will never learn to be a man if all he has to do is file a lawsuit everytime he gets into trouble. There is no responsibility or pride connected to cheap underhanded actions like this. If you did the crime you pay the time. It's that simple. If we actually stuck by those rules then the kids growing up today would have respect and values on things. They would take pride in what they do and not always try to find the easiest way out of things. I think the school did the right thing and I'm thrilled to see the school stand by their rules. I really hope this lawsuit gets thrown out.

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    Re: Teenage Wasteland

    i say the father needs to realize that he is hurting his son more by doing that than helping him.

    He is showing that his son can go to him whenever he needs something. IF the father keeps letting his kid get stuff even though the son is the one to blame then even when the kid is married and has money problems then kid will go right back to mommy and daddy even though he is now grown and supposed to be able to take care of his family.

    Children need to realize that things get tuff and sometimes your the only one can fix it. You cant go back to mommy and daddy for everything.

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    Re: Teenage Wasteland

    I really hate it when parents stick up for there kids. I never have or will ask my parents to do anything like this for me. People like this make others think that all kids(teens included) are snobs and can't handle there own problems. I still have a couple more years of being a teen and I know for a fact I will never do anything like this.
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    Re: Teenage Wasteland

    You have got to be kidding me and in Illinois of all places. *sighs* Anyways the whole suing people for no apparent reason (or lack thereof) is something Americans are good at these days. They think they can just get away with pointing the finger at someone because they can't blame themselves. This reminds me of the two girl who got fat and blamed McDonald's for it. I mean come on you can't point the fingers at McDonalds because you ate too many Big Mac's. It just doesn't work out that way.

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