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Thread: Troop Withdrawal Part 2

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    Re: Troop Withdrawal Part 2

    they need to be taken out, for the most part they are their own country and should be able to work it out themselves without involving and outside party. If they want to fight among themselves thats their choice, even if its wrong to involve the innocence of people who have nothing to do with it. American troops are being killed for no reason when they have their own police forces now that can help keep everything in check. Many are just being killed because they want the american troops gone.

    american troops cannot be nurse maids forever and watch over something that really has nothing to do with america other than a peace treaty, that will most likley not even stay in place since the middle east has always been at each others throats since the begining of time.

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    Re: Troop Withdrawal Part 2

    I couldn't agree more with clover. Those who have been there know that we cannot keep fighting for somebody. Just like we couldn't in Vietnam.

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    Re: Troop Withdrawal Part 2

    I'm Iraqian and i (and every Iraqi knows) that the withdrawal of military forces from Iraq will never be achieved as long as there's oil in Iraq ,even now the last withdrawal was so partial that there are bases separated and spread (less in number than before though) around Iraq so they can guarantee their share of oil and i'm speaking of what i'm seeing ,the situation in Iraq is much complicated than anyone would think ,though the withdrawal would leave less chances to terrorists (who wear the mask of Jihad) to hurt the country any more. (i'm not implying that all crusaders are foul but they're not all pure either).
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