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Thread: USA, will they stop being the world's top dog?

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    Re: USA, will they stop being the world's top dog?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scourge View Post
    Only if your a girl, if not, no thank you.
    Sorry I know this is a side trak but I couldnt resist.
    lucky for you i am
    just kidding
    it just made me laugh alot he kept saying 'sir' after every word lol
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    Re: USA, will they stop being the world's top dog?

    hmm... i guess now that the world has actually turned it's eyes toward america ever since obama was elected... i think america will take a turn for the best... and i think that with obama's charisma... america can go far... then again... nobody can really tell what the future holds... ^^,

    heh. let's just cross our fingers for the ending we want... then sit back, relax, and enjoy the show...

    will they stop being the world's top dog?

    showing 2009
    (or later)
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    Re: USA, will they stop being the world's top dog?

    ... All i know is USA's economy is going down .. and it's effecting Canada
    I'm not quite sure of the details. but it's something along those lines.
    (i remember hearing something about Unemployment)
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    Re: USA, will they stop being the world's top dog?

    Quote Originally Posted by rock on View Post
    I’m in the army but what I would like to talk about any one who pays attention to what is going on in the world would see what I’m talking about. From what I have gathered the USA is losing their power not just in economy but also as a military. China is getting stronger every day and if it wasn’t for the USA losing money so would Russia. China Navy is now the size of the USA beside their aircraft carriers. China money is only a couple of cents away from being even to the US dollar.

    This is what I’m seeing I would like to know what others think about this. Also do you think China could become the world power or will the USA fix them self?
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    Re: USA, will they stop being the world's top dog?

    well, this is a hard question... i have nothing against americans but i think its time the step down from being the " world's top dog". i think there are alot of countries that could that that spot form them sooner or later.china, russia,
    to be frank i am a canadian and i don't want canada to be living under the us' shadow anymore. we lived underneath that shadow long enough... were like the little bro. of us. its time the us stepped out of the spotlight.

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    Re: USA, will they stop being the world's top dog?

    gah if it happens im movin out. you all can stay on the boat while it sinks im goin to where its warm, and i can make some mula with my particular skill set

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    Re: USA, will they stop being the world's top dog?

    Historically it might happen that the US will fall off the ladder, look at the Greeks, Romans, Persians, etc. they were at one point at the top and than out of the blue they fell down or they were beaten to submission and so on and so on, do you think that they saw it coming, maybe or maybe not. however instead of bickering and fighting we are the future, and we can learn from the mistakes of the past. we in the US still have a chance to change, I don't need a Obama or a Bush to make me want to change things, I want to be a teacher and teach, I come from a California school system that sucks at teaching (Even before No Child Left Behind was implimented) and that is why I want to go back and teacher so that the future generations can learn, however let me ask a question, what dog would you be more afraid of, the one that barks, or the one that will chase your ass and bite? all I know is that once a dem. is president the military budget gets cut like crazy (my mother works for Raythone so don't question my source, I saw a lot of people getting laid off when Clinton was president), so if all we have is a strong military what will happen if the money for those bombs or imaginary wand defense system is gone, all we will have is just a bark and no bite, I don't know what will happen with Obama, will he continue the trend only time will tell, but with the economic stim. (pork) bill, I even question our economic future rather then the countries future.

    ps- if any of you don't know what "pork" is, go read a book, here's a hint it is not the meat from a pig.

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    Re: USA, will they stop being the world's top dog?

    All my predictions about Obama during the election are coming true... He is failing do to his lack of skill (He was only a senator for less then a year) and because his peoples incompetence, and he is already starting to crack under pressure and he has only been in office for about two months. He even through a fit despite his pork bill passed because the vast majority of Reps apposed it, well, it was full of pork and wouldn’t help any one but Liberal polotitons for their own privet endeavors and dig us deeper in debt. Not to mention what we need is less Gov. Control that is strangling us. We should have taken the hit years ago, and let the economic rebound like it normally would. But no, people got lazy and now expect Gov. to wipe our ass and want the Fed to control the market by implementing artificial cuts and give out bad loans to people knowing full well they could never pay it back and what not (Which was a horrible idea, which was brought about during the Clinton administration) No offence to Liberals, but they have really gone down hill sense Clinton, its plain to see really, just like it is that Obama and his crew are floundering.
    And yet there are still those who warship him as a messiah and literally geek out. Guys seeing him as some sort of deity while women are dreaming about him in their bed. No I am not making this up, there are people acting like this and it’s scary, he his being turned into an idle and worshiped. Many, not all, but many people who fallow him are now turning this whole Obama thing into a cult, which is very scary.
    How ever, like I said, he has only been in office for a few months, although no one expects him to turn this mess around over night (If they do then they are clearly insane) How ever him and his peoples failings ever sense coming in to office is not encouraging. And no, turning the US to socialism is NOT the way. It has never brought prosperity before to any one, and never will. People here have lost them selves and the idea of, "If you work hard you will gain success, and with that success you keep what you earn." This has served us well ever sense the US was created, but recently people have become too lazy and believe that they are entitled to every benefit out there with out working for it. Which is completely wrong. Who was it that said... "If you give to much hand outs to people that is all they will expect." Thats so freaking true. Many people get pissed when they hear about big business men and women getting extremely high pay. They get that because they have earned it, they have brought wealth to their corporation, and they get to the position where they are now by working their ass off. Sure there are those who do corrupt things but that is actually a small majority. I am sick of this whole bashing big business crap. I have never felt envy or jealous of the wealthy. In fact, they are rather inspiring, in that "Hey if they can work their ass off and be good at what they do and be a success, then damn it so can I!!"
    I am all for finding alternative fuel, how ever, trying to instantly switch from oil to what ever the hell we will be using later on down the road is going to screw us over economically. I say use the resources we have, which will reduce our dependency on foreign oil and resources and slowly turn to what ever it is we will be using later on. Choking oil and coal industries by feeing them to death by Gov. is not going to work.

    I know I am going to catch hell from damn near every one here, but I really don't care. The over all point I have been trying to make while really not trying to insult any one here as we all want what’s best for our nation, but come on, things have gotten WAY out of hand. And I must admit, I feel sorry for Obama as he is now nothing more then an easy tool and a puppet being played with by his own people.
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