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Thread: walmart

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    Re: walmart

    i don't think it is a monopoly it is just a store that wants to have low prices to keep it's clients but in order to keep the low prices they have to make some cuts here and there. the biggest cut is inthe job area. they pay very little to people there and don't offer any benefits but if they were to do that then they would have to raise the prices in order to keep up with the extra spendings. plus there are a lot of other places that have as cheap or cheaper products you just have to shop around. not many people are bargain hunters like me and go for the esaiest place to find cheap prices, which in this case is walmart. but if you look around there are places you can go that has stuff cheaper you just got to find them.
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    Re: walmart

    no i don't consider walmart a monopoly. i have never really favored walmart despite its low prices etc. i come from a small town with small locally and family owned businesses besides albertsons and what not, but i do not like the way those smaller businesses are pushed out just because big ol' walmart comes to to town.

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