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Thread: Is it a waste of money?

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    Re: Is it a waste of money?

    Their is some point that women do spend a lot of money on general things that they dont need. But for me I do end up making sure I need any item than just wanting it. There are times when I do have to clean out some of my cloths b/c I cant wear them so I will donate my cloths for a good cause. I am only speaking on my part but I dont know about anyone else.

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    Re: Is it a waste of money?

    To each her own. I personally would never spend a fortune on a pair of jeans, but I will admit to having paid quite a bit for "the perfect dress" or a great pair of shoes. Jewelry...I love it, but don't wear it nearly as much as I used to, so now I just buy new pieces when I have an event to wear them to. Makeup...if you want quality stuff that won't make you break out in hives, you gotta pay for it (I have extremely sensitive skin, so only certain brands of makeup work for me). I wouldn't call it a waste; if you can afford to do it (and still pay the bills), and it makes you happy, go for it. But there is a certain joy in finding all the things you want at half-price!

    Companies know that women will pay more for things they want, and price items that way. It's also a status thing; some people judge their worth as human beings by how much they spend on nonessentials.
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    Re: Is it a waste of money?

    Quote Originally Posted by equinn View Post
    ok most girls like to buy alot of clothes julery ect

    and most times dont even were it

    or think it could be used at some pont

    is it just a wast of good money to buy something at such a high cost

    when you could buy the same for half some were

    sooo what u think wast od good money or worth it

    like as we know women spend so much on there wedding dresses witch will only be worn once
    but its there choce again but what do u think
    Money and such materials are all mortal things and all come to an end, so it doesn't really matter either way. I mean, if one has the money to pay for his or her essentials then does it really matter what they use the excess on?

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    Re: Is it a waste of money?

    I guess it's ok then. It's not my decision to control their life anyway. It's their choice not mine. It's their opinion or choice to do it not me so I guess I should let the people be.
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    Re: Is it a waste of money?

    I confess, I am the one to pay heaps for clothing. The thing is, that these clothings last years! I still have clothes that are perfectly good that I used to wear 6-7 years ago, Except they don't fit me LOL.

    I do think it's a wastage buy them then throwing them out, or hardly ever wearing them or using them. Thats why I try to make careful decisions when buying something. Then again, I have learnt how much damage to the environment some household items can do ( both in making and disposal) So I tend to re-use alot and use things to the max.

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    Re: Is it a waste of money?

    I don't think it is a waste of money unless you can't afford it... (Trying to keep up with the Jones'..) Like some1 earlier said if you can get it & still pay bills, feed yourself &/or family then by all means... Shop til your heart is content... But don't buy high price stuff cause you want to fit in or compare to some1 else... That's being naive & foolish, but I also say save your money if you can cause in the long run your bank statement will be looking better than the " Jones' " & you can retire earlier (if you have enough) or go on a island vacation... Plus you will have better security!!!

    "They say if you don't have money; you don't have anything..." "I say if I got love I have everything money can't buy..."

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    Re: Is it a waste of money?

    women are just born with the spend it and toss gene
    lol an example of this is my sister she has 30 pairs of shoes
    i mean my god you only have one set of feet you don't need
    to have so many shoes you have no space for nothing else.

    heck most women believe in charging it if they don't have the money
    its just ludicras with how they thing it grows on tree's show me a girl
    or women who dosnt spend more than 100 bucks on needless things
    and i will take made every sexist thing i have said which i don't think
    it can be done proof is what i ask for but i think that's asking
    the impossible
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    Re: Is it a waste of money?

    i agree on spending money on good quality clothing that will last a long time. So $50 jeans (not that i can afford to buy them) that can last a long time seems like a good buy in my book... but, that's only for stuff you wear a lot, but for things like shirts i'd want to go cheaper. Coats... if it looks good, it looks good! and i love my coats, but none of them are expensive...

    for a wedding dress... i'm pretty sure how i'd want to present myself to Darling when we get married...and i'm not sure how much it would cost...

    ^_^ just want him to think i'm pretty... and i'd want to feel pretty in my dress too... so, if it was expensive, i'd work hard to get it! even though his family is rich, i'm not expecting them to buy everything ^_^

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