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Thread: Are we who we are who we choose to be?

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    Are we who we are who we choose to be?

    We are who we choose to be-this saying is the closest thing I have to a religion, as it carries much relavence in our lives. But here is my question-are we truly who we are who we choose to be, or do forces both internal and external determine this?
    We gotta make our choices...because in the end we are who we choose to be.

    Because choice is the only real freedom any of us have.

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    Re: Are we who we are who we choose to be?

    every person choose his/her personality,it is true that the way of living and life effect the person and even religion ... like an example a rich people always show off and have a bad personality treat others bad, but there is rich people who are nice and the same thing for poor people .... all am saying life effect very deep in the person and even in the religion,the religion put a line for things not good and not to cross it but the person chose to cross it or not ... we can choose who we are , life made us who we are .... =^_^=
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