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Thread: What type of government do you like the most?

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    Re: What type of government do you like the most?

    i love command... yeah command government is the best ever one has jobs and food and homes ... yes people some times goes missing but who care right. like so people who pose government should go missing.... and fog to death no one is going to mess them ,..... and if they do they will be the same way
    hi whats up

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    Re: What type of government do you like the most?

    I'M TOTALLY A COMMUNIST!! (joking, joking; don't kill me LOL.)

    You did forget to include them though.

    If I had to choose, I'd stay right where I am in democracy. Monarchies are okay. I've got nothing against them, per se. I DO have a small, teensy-weensy problem with the whole, "You have to be of royal blood to rule the country" concept, but it works! Plus, there's a parliament in place that is like a small democracy which keeps the monarch from going completely power mad. ^_^

    I used to be an anarchist at one point in my life. Sometimes, I consider falling back in to that slot because I've got some issues with our own government. But for the most part, democracy works. If you wanna think on a larger scale, our country is kind of like half democracy and half plutocracy. Have you ever heard of a broke politician? Seriously! Most politicians have their hands in some type of business or trade that earns them some loot on the side and the politicians who've got their hands in large coorporations are the ones who are giving those big business tax breaks. There's no such thing as a broke CEO either... Unless you own Enron. LOL.

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    Re: What type of government do you like the most?

    Quote Originally Posted by Saionji View Post
    Monarchy - Rule by an individual who has inherited the role and expects to bequeath it to their heir.
    Despotism - Rule by a single leader, all his or her subjects are considered his or her slaves.
    Dictatorship - Rule by an individual who has full power over the country.
    Oligarchy - Rule by a small group of people who share similar interests or family relations.
    Plutocracy - A government composed of the wealthy class.
    Democracy - Rule by a government where the people as a whole hold the power. It may be exercised by them (direct democracy), or through representatives chosen by them (representative democracy).
    Theocracy - Rule by a religious elite.
    Anarchy - A lack of government.

    Which of these governments best suits you?
    I would really like to know, explain why you like the government that you choose too please.
    Democracy is obviously my choice, democracy is probably the best government to have in my opinion, since you do get to vote, and you have more freedoms than in the other 'government types'.
    Well. That was my opinion, let me hear yours ^_^

    If mankind was capable of living in true anarchy, that would be great.
    Sadly, mankind doesn't play well with the others.

    Anyway... I'm pretty much a socialist.

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    Re: What type of government do you like the most?

    Quote Originally Posted by Scourge View Post
    I did not mean any insalt and I did not say you were stupid or even think it.

    So what your saying is that you prefure a more pure form of Socielism Anarchy like a comunity holding. Its Anarchy in that there is no Goverment but the society works together for the comen good and laws made and agreed apon by those in the comunity where every one works a specific task and roll in their society.

    The problem with this form is that there is no drive to divelop or adance. Not just on a persanel level but also on a technologicol level. This form of comunle society is perfect for agroculture but it is impossible to reproduce the same in industrial cultures which require a form of Goverment and regulation.

    What really needs to change and evolve is not so much Government but rather people in general. If you think about it Humans have not evolved much as a species, only our Technology has. We Humans are stunted in behavure and that behavure needs to evolve and divelop.
    I know you didnt call me a name or intend anything, but how you put it, made it sound like you were, no hard feelings

    But I agree with that completely. But keeping up with technology is not on the top of my want to do list in the first place, just the peace would be plenty of want I want. No more wars, homicides, or kidnapping, or any of the government taxes.

    More like one were everyone pays what they can afford according to their personal income, we would go % wise. And that money would be our taxes to help fund the community. This may not work for an overly large country

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    Re: What type of government do you like the most?

    I feel that the government should be a democracy and everyone pays a 20% flat tax a month or year and that it goes towards all public education and universities (but only goes towards the materials if your home schooled), healthcare, and life insurence. Then, if a community (weither a state, city, county, ect...) wants something(such as new roads or public transportation), a tax or payment that everyone pays should be voted on. Also, if a war is declared, only the people who are in favor of it/support it should be made to pay for it and send troops out and donate stuff for it.
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    Re: What type of government do you like the most?

    while i will say that our government is actually alright because it hasn't failed yet, i am in favor of anarchy. i believe that the lack of government will be more beneficial
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