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Thread: What is your prediction?

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    What is your prediction?

    Few days left and we will now face the new year.... but what is your prediction at the coming year? what do you think will happen to the world? now that Obama is the president? now that the world is facing a financial crisis? now that the ozone layer is almost depleted? give me your prediction and let see if this will come or noy...
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    Re: What is your prediction?

    haha, who knows...

    III world war!
    yay, Russia occupying the world!
    Coke is in worth of gold!

    joking ><

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    Re: What is your prediction?

    Hmmmm... i don't know.. We will just have to sit and wait what would happen in 2009. To be honest, i think the USA might face a crisis because, the taxes might go though the roof and we might face a depression.

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