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Thread: What's the deal with Gun Laws?

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    Re: What's the deal with Gun Laws?

    ok well its for things like what happened at that school in the u.s dosnt happen
    u need a licene like my dad has and they need to be stored in a gun cabinit
    or u could get fined or put in jail ...¬__¬ i think not sure

    but people keep them for protion ect
    even if there not alowd the still belive it will

    me myself had a palit gun ( but it had real palits like can go strat though u like a real gun) i had it with me all xmas break cos there was a man in your back ally and i was the only one in the house at that time.
    so i took it down with me and locked eveything i mean everything....

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    Re: What's the deal with Gun Laws?

    You know guys there are other ways to kill than just guns. Even if guns were "POOF" gone people will still kill and self defence would go back the old ways, but sence the most common way of murder is guns the the law has to take the proper steps in controling them. Geting a gun without the law is just like drug, they come in this country and sold though dealers. Thats how the world work and it sucks but we got to put up with it.
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    Re: What's the deal with Gun Laws?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chubz View Post
    I have no problem with people owning rifles or shotguns, if purchased legally and the person isn't a nutjob. But I do not see the need for people to be able to own handguns, machine guns, sub-machine guns, or any type of firearm they so choose, even if it is a law abiding citizen. I think weapons like those should only be given to police officers and the military.

    I don't think giving everyone a gun solves any problems....unless a person undergoes extensive training for how to handle a situation like that (not just how to use a gun, but how to assess what's going on, how to approach it properly, and how to use lethal force if necessary)...otherwise you just have another idiot waving a gun around. The argument for giving everyone a gun also relies on a 100% success rate, which will never happen, as proponents of the idea say "well if they had a gun, this wouldn't happen" and everyone would have been saved.

    Giving everyone a gun so that they can shoot back just makes the issue into a mexican standoff, or an old western shoot out. The argument assumes that the gun holder will take out the shooter with no problems, and everyone will be safe and happy....but what happens if let's say the event is taking place at a university or school, people are trying to run around to get out of the way, and our Hero accidentally fires a shot that misses, and embeds itself into a now dead civilian...What then? Is that persons death somehow justified because Mr. Hero was trying to save the day? If a police officer accidentally kills a civilian, they pretty much get sent to the rack, so what happens if it's another civilian who fires the shot?

    Not only will the police have to try and figure out which shooter is the crazy one, they'll also have to examine the bullets in any dead bodies to see which gun was used in the killing, and for the sake of argument, what if one of the bullets was fired by Mr. Hero?

    If someone goes on a shooting rampage, they generally don't expect to come out alive. That's why in many of the school shootings, and even the VT shooting, the person always ends up committing suicide. So what do they care if someone else has a gun? If they're gonna do it, they're gonna do it. They know the minute they start shooting, they're dead anyways, either taken out by police, or they shoot themselves in the head. Giving everyone a gun just increases the mayhem, because now you have to worry about crossfire. Of course, this isn't brought up by proponents of the idea, because like I said, the assumption they use is that it'll take 1 bullet to end the deal.....but unless you have extensive training on how to handle situations like that (and I don't mean just training on how to use a gun) you could potentially be just as much a problem as the maniac.

    I always have the urge to slap a person who says something like:
    "If all the students and teachers in Virginia Tech or Columbine had firearms there wouldn't be as many casualties."

    That's just sad.

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    Re: What's the deal with Gun Laws?

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Okay, who opened up a dead thread...

    To quote the Forum Rules...
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