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Thread: Whats Freedom?

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    Re: Whats Freedom?

    Originally Posted by Soulhawk
    In The U.S.A. we are so proud of our freedom. We boast about it to every nation and try to give the same "freedom" to other nations.
    That's some Republican crap man. That's why many countries out there hate USA, we get involved in their affairs just because we want the wolrd to see us as liberators BS man. Look at what going on in Iraq right now, we went there to give freedom, what we got in return a counter-attack by the people we were suppose to give freedom to.

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    Re: Whats Freedom?

    We need Laws in order to function as a country, even if some of us are on oposit sides of decisions, we still need to stay under a guideline or Laws rather.

    No we aren't compltely free from everything. If we were then we'd be mooching off of people for shelter and food and clothing. Or we would be Tarzan^.^ Or Tarzans wife for the girls.

    We are in a world that EVERYTHING is run around Rules. So then if your Free from all rules then how can you live in this society??

    Oh and Yes we are free.
    We ARE free.
    We can worship who we want.
    We can wear what we want unless for a important meeting or situation that requires appropriate clothing.( Which no one should sneeze at anyway.)
    We can eat what we want.
    We can have as many Children as we want (As Someone in a previous post had pointed out beforehand when comparing to China)
    We can live where we want according to how much money we make of coarse.

    Sure we may not be able to do EVERYTHING that our heart desires.
    Like if you desire to live in a huge house but can't afford it.
    Sure you may get mad at the world and say your not really happy as a free person because you don't make enough money.

    Even though I myself hate the part that money plays in this world. You have no reason to be mad. You should be thankful for that of which God has given unto you. You should be thankful that you have a roof over your head and a meal in your stomach.

    And as far as people who are living on the streets....Well to bluntly put it. Either their family needs to help them out or friends or just any random person that has the heart to help or they need to take care of themselves and try to get a little job and work there way up. But this worl also needs more people that are willing to donate to those who don't have a lot.
    Instead of complaining about what you don't have. Think about what you DO and what others DON'T.
    Everyone needs to stop thinking upon themselves and think with a more open mind to those around them. Now I'm not directly talking to the people here on AO.
    And I include myself when I say this. Because even if I preach it, I'm still Human and need a kick in the pants everynow and then or a reminder through Christ that I'm not the only person in this world.

    We need to stop being selfish and hungry for more "Freedom" and "Things" and start thanking the Lord that we aren't in a dungeon starving out back when the Germans were killing the Jews. Thankful that we have everything we need to survive or get a decent or proper or Awsome Education.

    We live in a country that is confused right now but still abiding by the laws.
    And this world sure as heck needs laws.

    Thats Why the Creator, (God) Gave us the Ten Commandments...Because even though we had a general sense of right and wrong, we still couldn't just do what is right.

    Thanks Pyroo. :]

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    Re: Whats Freedom?

    freedon, a precious gift to any nation... i admire the usa coz they're political or national independent.. so why aren't others can be contented for what they have... would you dare to stay in other country and try to compare their political and economical situation...

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