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Thread: What's wrong with Happy Holidays?

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    What's wrong with Happy Holidays?

    I'm part of the minority that doesn't actually celebrate Christmas (though my parents do, and they basically just pretend that I do, too). I celebrate Yule. And even though I don't celebrate Christmas, I wish people a merry Christmas all the time (because I know those people well enough that I know that they do celebrate Christmas).

    The problem comes in when they wish me a merry Christmas without the slightest evidence that I'm Christian. It's not a huge problem, but it gets annoying after a while. I'm going to emphasize here that if someone wishes me a merry Christmas, I'm not going to bite their arm off. It just bugs me.

    So, then I hear "Happy Holidays", which makes me much more comfortable. It makes me think, "How nondiscriminatory and fair."


    I have no idea why anyone should have a problem with "Happy Holidays", especially sense people who don't celebrate Christmas have to put up with "Merry Christmas" all of the time. What do you guys think? Is "Merry Christmas" too discriminatory? What about "Happy Holidays"? Is "Happy Holidays" discriminatory against people who don't celebrate a holiday during the season?
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    Re: What's wrong with Happy Holidays?

    There's nothing wrong with saying Happy Holidays.

    People say Happy Holidays simply because Christians don't have the Monopoly over the month of December in terms of Holidays, and its the polite thing to do.

    , Haunakah, or Eid al-Adha anyone? (Wikipedia links)

    People who get bent out of shape over this issue are mostly the Christian far right fanatics who zealously force their beliefs on others, especially during holidays (Easter, Christmas and others). And they only come off as Discriminatory while doing it too. A prime example of this is the website, which gathers data on what retailers don't display with people view as the "Christmas Spirit" or "Values" that they claim make up American Culture and Life. Some of the comments people put on this website are simply inflammatory and rude, and in some cases would be grounds for a Libel case (Legal term for Defamation when in print.)

    Normally I loath political correctness with an unbridled passion, but this I let slide, simply because I have friends of other faiths that simply don't celebrate Christmas, one of whom is Jewish and lives in Israel.

    This is simply a "look at me, I'm more important" issue. People have a right to not be bombarded by something they don't believe in while at the same time be recognized for something that they do, even if its only a generic all encompassing phrase like "Happy Holidays".

    Also, when it comes down too it, when you combine all the people who celebrate holidays other then Christmas in December, they outnumber those that do rather handily.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go troll up some chaos on
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    Re: What's wrong with Happy Holidays?

    I'll usually say Merry Christmas, just because its my default, I've said it forever. But if I find myself talking to someone of a different faith or maybe a stranger whom I think might get offended, I switch over to Happy Holidays. This issue does get out of hand though. At my place of work, which is a telephone survey company, we're not even allowed to wish our interviewees 'Happy Holidays' anymore simply because some are like, "No! it's Merry Christmas!" I totally understand some people's frustration, because for so long you would say Merry Christmas and no one would try to shove their political agenda down your throat. People don't get mad because you celebrate a different holiday, correcting them is a political statement, and a lot of people don't like it when, in their mind, you're trying to force them to be politically correct. The only thing more annoying than someone preaching their religion to you, is someone preaching their politics to you.

    Here's what I really think when it comes down to it. I find that if someone wishes you a Merry Christmas, it's just as synonymous with Happy Holidays. Both phrases are hoping that you will have a good holiday with your family and whatever religious holiday you are celebrating. If someone wishes me a Happy Holidays, I wish them one back. If they wish me a Merry Christmas, I wish them one back. Hell, even if someone wished me Happy Hanukkah, I'd wish them one back, because in the end the intent is the same: we are both hoping that we will enjoy our respective holidays.

    My advice, whatever holiday you celebrate, don't let the politics of 'Happy Holidays' get in the way. If a stranger wishes you Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays wish them one back. In the end they're just trying to be friendly, not offensive.

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    Re: What's wrong with Happy Holidays?

    I don't really think it should matter--I mean who cares? and if so why some much that you need to make an issue on what is said? I am a Christian and I do say 'Merry Christmas' to folks who go bye, but if someone were to say ' happy Hanukkah' or something I wouldnt flip on the subject, matter of fact I wouldnt care, more power to ya brother lol

    I feel that this is a very touchy subject-- in which people shouldn't be so bothered with, people say simply what the background they came from has taught to me its not a matter of any disrespect or discriminatory

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    Re: What's wrong with Happy Holidays?

    I had no Idea that there were people who had a problem with the term "Happy Holidays"...
    ... o.O

    I can almost pretend as if I had no idea that Christmas had anything to do with Christianity. Because it hardly seems that way.

    Theres always that fact that Jesus wasn't born on December 25th.

    Nor was he likely a new born babe by the time the wise men got to him.

    But, frankly.... I hardly ever see the whole nativity aspect of christmas as the main focus. Its all spending, and gifting, and recieving.... Santa, and cookies, and singing.
    Oh...... and purdy light displays.

    Thats what Christmas seems to have become.
    ... Not Ever Again...

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    Re: What's wrong with Happy Holidays?

    I don't really care about Christmas very much. However in my job am suppose to be all caring and personal. So at the end of calls I wish people "Happy Holidays" since I talk to a lot of people. The only people I say Merry Christmas too are the people that I know. I think Merry Christmas is more personal because you are referring to a certain holiday.

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    Re: What's wrong with Happy Holidays?

    that sounds weird and out of holiday spirit. i dont celebrate christmas, but i at least think of other people and say happy holidays, and alot of times get merry christmas back.

    no neither discriminate against anyone, just some people take offense, like they do about anything else they dont want to here. it seems weird, but thats how people are in general. You cant please everyone, since everyone is different and think differently about everything including holiday greetings

    you cant change human nature, and if some gets offended by it well thats their problem, and just keep a smile on your face, because it will annoy them to death.

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    Re: What's wrong with Happy Holidays?

    Nothing is wrong with Happy Holidays. Someone who is not christian will still appreciate and optimistic blessing. Merry Christmas for me is sort of dark since I feel the season has become a showcase for cut throat consumerism.

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