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Thread: When Is Thin Too Thin.

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    Re: When Is Thin Too Thin.

    One: I am very happy with the way I am. There may be a time here and there i wish I was a tad bit smaller but I like the way I am. I'm not 'see my rib cage skinny' and I'm not 'look a godzilla tear up tokyo' big. I'm right in the middle. I cant stand not eating. I excersise and I eat. So i never gain or lose. I've been the same weight for three years. Girls who obsesse over thier weight to please another arent capable to stand on thier own feet.

    I have three friends. Nic is like extra above average size, Abe is a nice normal almost super model (but she has meat on her bones) size, I'm normal just abot more then bargained for, and Tina is effing skinny( i mean super skinny). And like when ever we go out Nic and Me and Abe get more guys to appoarch us then Tina. And swear that Tina is the most pretty and confident of us all.

    I asked my ex once why Tina cant get alot of boys to appraoch her and he said bluntly, "When boys look at her as a potential effing buddy. They see pain. She looks sick and no matter how pretty she looks if she cant get enuff meat to geta cushin then then dont want her."
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    Re: When Is Thin Too Thin.

    a very thin girl is very scary @,@ one of my friends really thin like very very THIN and there is nothing named flesh in her body just a skin cover her bones >< ... i told her to eat a little more even if she do she lose weight very fast T,T and lucky her for that XD ...

    every girl dream of a super beautiful body and i am one of those girls XD , o.O you know i am a girl too lol ... anyway i am a little fat T,T but my family say that suit me O.o but i don't like my body you know the feeling when everyone like something but you don't that what happen to me XD i don't know why i call my self fat i have curves XD nyaaa ~ ... there is three kind of guys, the guys who like girls thin and guys who like girls fat and guys who dosen't care at all about the out side appearance ^,^ .... supermodels are skinny are sexy but sometimes they cross the line in weight just to get the body that suit the clothes without caring about their health which that is very wrong T,T but what can we say working and beauty is more important than body health >< .. but everything this is my little opinion with many words lol ... =^_^=
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