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Thread: Where The Beauty Lies

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    Re: Where The Beauty Lies

    have you ever went through something where you have admired someone/ or you have a crush on someone. and u really like them because you think of them as kind, sweet well-mannered, etc on the outskirts of observation. And when you finally get to know the perso, u wish that you've met them at all. This is where true beauty counts.
    Just because u see a person that glitters when he/she walks that means thier characteristic is the same.
    So u must really observe the personnot only the manner they potray to other people, but if their personality shines in the same way of thier "phony" attitude.

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    Re: Where The Beauty Lies

    Well, when it comes to human beauty. I determine whether someone is beautiful from the vibe that I get from someone. I might talk to them on the phone before I ever see a picture of them and be like, "Oh this person is really good looking." then after I get to see them in real life, silently think to myself, "They could really do with some self maintance."

    But, everyone is beautiful in their own way. You should appreaciate what you got. Don't waste your money on it.

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    Re: Where The Beauty Lies

    What I beleve to be beauty may seem odd to some so brace yourself if you tie ribons in your hair.
    A certen leval of darkness. In the full light you see every color that it has to offer but in the dark on night the true color comes out.
    A while back I spent a time blide and had to touch everything to know what it is. That gave me the sence boost in sight without it.
    Look at an object thats complex in shap like you would a pice a paper, then blide fold you self and fell it with your hands and the same time dont think just touch it.
    It will be at that moment that you will fell the truth about that object and all it little corners. Thats how I define true beauty.
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