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Thread: Who is jesus ?

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    Re: Who is jesus ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lupas View Post
    a slight correction there are women that can regrow their hymins (i spelled that wrong didn't i?)
    jesus was a simple man who knew more of the natural order of things than anyone else in his time. i believe he even stated that god was all things( correct me if i'm wrong )
    Maybe they can regrow thier hymen, but that still doesn't make them any more of a virgin then they were when it broke the first time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arrianna View Post
    Actually the New Testament refers to him as the "only Begotten" (generated by procreation) which is another matter entirely. Jesus referred to himself as "I AM" one of the many names the Israelites used for "Yhwh"/Jehovah since they believed one should not speak the actual name of the Lord.

    Take that as you will.
    Well, to each thier own; I always say. I'm have a firm belief that he was simply a man highly educated in the laws of God, with powers of the supernatural kind bestowed to him by God. A man with the intention to save his people from a life of sin.

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    Re: Who is jesus ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom2Ace View Post
    hello i been wanting to make this thread for a long time... how do you describe jesus who is he to you ?
    Wow . . . I could write a whole book on this subject. I'll spare you, though (yes, I can hear all of you cheering and applauding).

    Jesus saved me and you and, well, everybody by dying on a cross and rising three days later. Now, He sits in glory at the right hand of God . . . but that's all theological stuff.

    Personally, Jesus is my best mate. He helps me through all the rough times and makes the good times even better.

    YAY! JC 4EVA!

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    Re: Who is jesus ?

    a really cool dude who happend to be God's son... He also died for my sins, and came back to life to pick me up! He gives me strength when i am weak and courage when i'm a scardey cat!

    ^_^ i don't really know what else to say~!

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