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Thread: Why Hate and Discriminate?

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    Angry Why Hate and Discriminate?

    What pisses me off sometimes about people is that they don't know a person but they have to get up in their life like it was their own. i do this sometimes but only when the problem concerns me. other times if i meet someone who i don't know i'm friendly to them, not all like "Your hairs shorter than mine i instantly hate you."
    so i have to ask, why do you think people hate other people they don't even know? it's retarded!!

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    Re: Why Hate and Discriminate?

    i wish i had answear but i have none.
    yes it unfear to pass jugement before you know the person .
    Alot of the time all see is what want,and it hard .
    But harder when people know who say they are your friend but turn 2min,
    your still there and here what they say hard that alot woorse.
    But all you can be is who you are.

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    Re: Why Hate and Discriminate?

    People tend to hate what they don't understand.

    Such as many people hate math. Why? Because they don't know it well, but there are varies of excuses blaming the teacher or something~

    It makes people believe they know all they need to know. Thats why Stereotypes Exist.

    If you don't know something you ask, and you get there "Opinion" you take it in, and live life and go off it. People Change easy, its only the stubborn ones that believe there right.

    They need to know Change is not Bad.

    If everyones unique whats perfection.

    I would go on, but you get what I say. I hope.
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    Re: Why Hate and Discriminate?

    Your question reminds me of the Quizno's commercial with the two ladies on the park bench. The prettier one says to herself, "Look at how happy she is eating that sandwich! That should be ME!!" *Looks at sandwich lady* "I hate you!!" Sandwich lady replies with a happy look on her face, "Wow! Really?" LOL.

    Like Mr. K said, people hate/fear what they don't understand. Most humans are afraid of change, therefore they hate it.

    Lots of people don't understand certain groups of folk (for example gays and black people), so rather than trying to obtain that level of understanding and compromise, they turn their backs on their fellow man and bash them at every corner.

    When I was in high school, I was often tormented for "not being black enough" or "actin' like a 'white-boy'," mind you, only the people I associated with really knew me. You gotta put people like that in the back of your mind. You shouldn't let others drag you down to their level. Ignorance is contaigious--watch out! ^_^

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    Re: Why Hate and Discriminate?

    Ignorance. Inability to accept people for WHO they are. Since I openly say and show I'm a Satanist (NO, I don't worship Satan...though I have a further thought system, I just say "I'm a Satanist" it's easier) people automatically assume I do, even AFTEr i explain it to them, so 95% of my shcool hates me and literally wants tso kill me. Also wejudge TOO quickly.

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    Re: Why Hate and Discriminate?

    I got to agree with what everyone said here also i'd add that you might hate people also because of their strange behavior/looks (in your regard) because you mostly don't think if it is a right or a wrong is it better or worse just tend to "hate"(literally) that person .. since it is something you see irregular or disliked in your society or even your own beliefs (you don't consider if that person is strange weirdo or a unique one) .. it's almost by superficials and what might the look gives you of an idea about the personality that person might possess ...
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    Re: Why Hate and Discriminate?

    Simply put because humans are pirmitive and cannot get by something that's "different" to them.
    It's annoying, really. Discrimination is what makes people so different. Sometimes It's a statement of induviduality and people make fun of it.
    People who do it are afraid of changes or the difference and they can't accept it.
    They're the different ones, so to speak, since they make fun of people. And I'm sure they're other people who think differently of them. That's a sense of pride...over the top perhaps.
    So anyways, I hate discriminations. One of the few things I seriously hate.
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    Re: Why Hate and Discriminate?

    people have always hated or discriminated, its not a new thing, but to me it is a form of evil, and form of the Satan in those people...

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