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Thread: Women and Anime

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    Re: Women and Anime

    Not content with dominance in the field of consumer electronics, it was now clear to me that the Japanese wished to bring about the downfall of our society by spreading this cancer in our midst, targetting the most naive and vulnerable segments of our population - teenagers and college students.
    I actually laughed throughout this, I mean the guy kept saying Manga films over and over again! And he was pretty much yelling Kill The Liberals! Destroy the believers! Burn the witch!

    He made it sound like hentai is being used by a brainwashing cult who wants to bring about the next apocalypse. And the part where he said he forced himself to watch hours of it was a straigh up lie. You know exactly why he watched it, and I bet he loved every minute of it too.

    I was actually more offended by the pictures of Jesus covering the girls tits.

    Tomorrow I begin my crusade.
    Umm what year are we in again?

    As for the other article, I couldn't help but think "VIRGIN!" When I was reading it. . . I mean, that guys is seriously unhinged!
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    If they really had a desire to live, they would've been more aware of how easy it is to die.

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