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Thread: Women and children

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    First of all, a better idea would be to plan the family firsthand. If both parents would have to work to support the family anyway, then maybe the couple shouldnt bother with having kids.....

    That being said, I also think that kids would be better off having parents to care for them and provide the love that growing kids need. Someone who doesnt experience love could potentially also lose the ability to love themselves, and therefore turning out to be the "rapists" etc that the thread starter was talking about.

    Of course, leaving children to nannies doesnt really make much difference, as long as the nanny can act as the parent figure for the child. However, some kids tend to get lonely and create these hatred theories in their little heads, about how their parents dont love them and such. This is why having the presence of parents themselves could be beneficial.

    Anyway, it's mainly because of the upbringing of the child that affects how they turn out eventually..... As long as they have been taught how to make the right decisions, and how to be independent, then there wouldnt be much need of the presence of parents to turn them into "good apples" It's not where the parents are, it's what the parents teach.
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    Yeah I think the world would be a better place if the parents cared more. If everyone had a mother home actually caring about them, they wouldn't be such bad apples. I'm not saying that everyone without one is bad because that's not true. I'm just saying a lot of the bad kids I know have parents that either are never home or just don't care about what their kids do. My two best friends, my fiance and I are the only people I know that have parents that aren't divorced, and we don't go getting drunk, doing drugs, and getting into fights and all that stuff. I think it has a lot to do with your parents. The parents need to know what's going on with their kids and if they're not home, they have no clue and therefore they can't set them right. However, there's those people whose parents really are into everything they do but they still turn out bad, but that's a small percentage most likely.

    My mom doesn't work, she stays home most of the time, so she's around a lot. I don't mind it either cause she makes me laugh, lol.
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    Would the world be a better place if one parent was home, waiting there for the child?

    Hm... perhaps. But I think the real issue is whether parents discipline their kids or not. If parents taught their kids how to act and instilled manners in them at a young age, and then continuing to do so as they grow, maybe it wouldn't matter if they were home often or not.
    I mean if only one parent makes $30,000 or less a year, having the other parent start working may be one of the few options to live comfortably in our expensive world today.

    And just a personal opinion, but the thought of going to school all those years just to sit at home all day everyday sounds depressing to me T_T.

    Would things be better, less "Killing yourselfs" Because they feel like they have nobody?

    Maybe, maybe not. I mean there are alot of peeps out there that had a warm, close, affectionate family when they were younger, but then got detached as they get older and then started feeling alone and depressed. And then these days it seems there's a variety of reasons why people kill themself. I remember when I was in 7th grade an 8th grader shot himself because of his grades.. So it really depends.
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