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Thread: Women in Society

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    Re: Women in Society

    I am sorry but I don't want to read all of the long posts in this thread so I am sorry if I have jumped into a conversation with an intrusion of my own point.

    The only way a women will have a negative impact in society is if a very dominate Male thinks so. Otherwise, women are only trying to gain an equal balance in the world to prove they are not week but can really tribute to world outside of their home. Women should not be forced to stay at home and do all of the "famine" things within the home. Not only is it frustrating to be told that women's work is in the home, it also annoying that no matter how hard women try to prove they are just as good as men, that the only person we can convince is the boss. Yet even then it is probably a male as it can sometimes be hard for a women to get a top position unless it is within the arts.

    I've found in dance alone that really no matter how women try to prove they are not just objects for affection and to intrigue the male fascination of the female body, we just can't seem to shake off that type of view. Okay, yes dance can be perverted, but in my line of work, it isn't at all yet there is still the stereotypical view of dance = sex.
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    Re: Women in Society

    ok first comes first...
    while I applaud the attempt at quoting the bible I must say this... because I think that it might be the point you're trying to get at... men and women should rule equally over each other... each aware of the other's strengths and weaknesses while at the same time being able to help the other out... (when men are in control women have a natural way of making their opinions known, guys have no such sense of coersion at least not on the level that it would take to convince a girl according to his opinion.) That might be a possible explaination for the verse in the bible (men are not born with any innate superiority...)
    and sazzy who generally is better at quieting an upset child? who has the maternal instinct knowing what that child needs? (sure guys have a little but it's not enough) and though I say that in all honesty I understand a woman's needs to get out... however children would be raised much better in a society where men and women work together.
    Not warring with each other to force guys to admit that women do so much that is impossible for us...
    as far as the whole sexual thing goes... not all guys are pigs and not all girls are saints (even though I used to think that they were) not even most guys are pigs who see women as sex toys and nothing else (please excuse my brutality) The fact is that those are the only kinds of guys that women pay any attention to.
    I absolutely hat using myself as an example of why chivalry is dead but...
    I never look at a girl anywhere but in her eyes when I talk to her (she's offended because I don't find her attractive or I'm considered gay)
    I mena in all honesty I opened the door for a lady at the mall today I got a dirty look and a lecturee about how she wasn't old and could do it for herself. I didn't open it for her because she was a lady... I do it for everyone... or at least I used to I think I'll stick to holding doors for men (at least they don't threaten me...)
    So yes, the way women are viewed is wrong... hoever you have the power to change that if you wouldn't keep yourselves so divided amongst each other sizing eachother up and being so gosh darn critical of how susie's wearing her hair or where'd she get a name like that? The solution is so simple... if you want something work for it... but you can't have the pro-women campaigns divided into those who think that their sexuality gives them freedom and therefore power and a side that fights for the preservation of the moral image of a woman at the same time... there needs to be better communication and a better understanding of what women want as a whole.... ( as well as indivdually)

    ... and join my rebellion against time.

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