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Thread: wwe vs tna

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    wwe vs tna

    this is for the members who like wrestling to think about, is the wwe so despreate to get rid of tna they would bring an old wrestling organisation as there brand, i'm talking about ECW and doing so they now have 3 brands and 1 might be going down under the wwe's own power (i'm talking bout smackdown).
    tna on the other hand have been fighting fire with fire and they might beat the wwe in the rating's war like wcw beat wwe 87 weeks in a row, the reason i bring this up is cause i dont like what the wwe is doing for rating's like there own brand versing each other (raw vs ecw), the fans might watch tna for a number of reasons for example:
    the X-division - this division is the main attraction for a number of reason's
    Christian cage - he is one of the biggest good guy's (or face) in the tna he is one of the great youngsters in the tna that can bring in the rating's
    jeff jerret - one of the biggest bad guy (or heel) in the tna everyone can speak there minds about him
    A.J styles - he really is the phenominal 1 first triple crowned winner in tna history and he is one of the most exciting wrestler's tna have to offer

    so there is most of my reason's why tna should beat wwe in the rating wars

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    Re: wwe vs tna

    Um no fav threads allowed here.

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