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Thread: Are you crazy?

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    Re: Are you crazy?

    We diagnose everything as disease nowadays.
    Even a chemical disbalance within our bodies that happens and dissipates naturally is claimed "a disease".

    Hell, getting gas is a disease.

    By that definition above, I am indeed insane.
    However, that's just due to a lack of "being normal".
    "Being normal" is the aimed for state that all specialists try to attain for others.
    This counts on the mental, emotional, and physical state.

    It's sad how many pills many of us are willing to take to "normalize ourselves" when good communication and smooth socialization can make all that unnecessary.
    But no, anything that's too different from us - we fear, and we want a cure or solution for it.
    And as a reflex, those deemed insane/sick/crazy/diseased will grow to become "more different" in order to find a sense of "normal difference" from the others... because everything inbetween makes us awkwardly messed-up.

    And those wanting to become "normal" will see their own "disease" as drastic. They'll panic, and will do anything to become like the rest.

    .......what's wrong about being a little crazy? But of course, if I encourage that, I'd also be encouraging those who try so hard to be different from the rest. ...which isn't so good.

    One shouldn't be TRYING to be anything.
    A real sickness is a real sickness, and most can be dealt with a rest, a healthy diet, fresh air, socialization, and regular exercise.
    Real insanity is real insanity, and most could have been prevented with above cure.

    Everything else? ...well, one shouldn't try to be something they aren't - and one shouldn't assume they're something that they aren't either. Doing so will make one more unhealthy than one intended.

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    Re: Are you crazy?

    I would say yes, I am stark raving mad lmao. Seriously though, I think some times everyone is a little crazy clinical or not An example of my kind of crazy...I have been on a 2009 Kawasaki ZX14 and managed 212mph once before backing off. I think it would have climbed to an even higher speed as it had not topped out just yet in the top power band and the speedometer had pegged out like 20 seconds before and the engine was still stretching (peaking).

    It was thrilling and scary at the same time, and it is almost surreal after a certain point because on the smooth highway...after 200mph I could not sense the feel of the road under the bike but definitely NOT lifting though it is hard to explain so. I wont need to do that again but it was exhilarating, thing is...no matter what leather or armor or helmet your wearing no matter how good...if you go at that sort of speed...your just dog meat.

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    Re: Are you crazy?

    If :
    smiling likin an idiot at a memory , burning your tongue when your drinkin tea coz u remembered something funny , seeing freaky black shadows peeking at me from behind walls, daydreaming so badly , that I even lose track of my daydreams , likin gory games and imagining gory things happenign to ppl I hate , and a love for the sound of a steel blade is madness ....then i guess I am =)

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    Re: Are you crazy?

    People are reading too much into this. Disorders are only allowed to be disorders if they interfere greatly with daily life. I don't think that ODD or disorders like it are titles that psychiatrists are going to throw around willy-nilly. The only way you would be diagnosed with one of these disorders is if you are so rebellious that you exhibit antisocial behavior that prevents normal daily life. No one's trying to put a clamp on free thinking, unless you think so freely that you start punching cops.

    As for craziness, mental illness does not equal being crazy. I had a severe case of phobic disorder, but that didn't mean that I was chewing people's ears off and running down the streets naked.

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    Re: Are you crazy?

    Quote Originally Posted by Peach_follows View Post
    Is Free Thinking A Mental Illness? | Off The Grid News

    *quoted from the page linked above.

    So, free thinking, arrogance, creativity.... Does that make you mentally ill?

    Well the DSM-IV is what doctors everywhere are using to diagnose and treat people. And according to it, indeed, these personality traits qualify as mental illness. And can apparently be "treated".

    There's another quote in there about how, if Mozart lived today as a child. He would be treated for A.D.D....

    Kind of reminded me of this video (which is 20 minutes long but worth a watch if you have the time)
    YouTube - Sir Ken Robinson TED Speech

    I've written post about our over medicated country on AO before. But... the standards for which they can shove drugs down your throat is becoming increasingly frightening! If you go into a psychiatric ward... They have "Occupational Therapy" (don't ask how I know). Thats where they encourage you to do art and stuff. Well... if being overly creative makes you nuts.. what are they gonna do in OT now? lol

    I am not a doctor. I am not the government. I WANT YOU TO TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THIS! Even if it makes you CRAZY!
    Oh, then I'm as crazy as heck. I'm considered creative, and I love myself very much, so yeah, I guess I'm pretty much a loon here.
    Seriously, are they trying to make the world seem more boring that it already is? I mean, to take even creativity and free-thinking as a sign of a mental illness is taking it too far.


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