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Thread: Youth today

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    Re: Youth today

    Morales are defined by the stereotypical view of good/bad, "bad" being the hurtful, hate, etc. A person's morales can be defined by their goals, which arent always apparent. You cant see a persons morales just by their outside actions. Even if a person is turned inside out, youll never know them.
    Anyways, 'good' and 'bad' are two sides of the same coin. So a person's quality of their choice of morales is just plain opinion.
    Media seems to report anything newsworthy, good or bad. Its bound to create some type of stereotype in some people.
    Whoever said all people have to act 'good' or 'bad'? Heck, the only difference between them arises in personal opinion.
    Having morales seems to help in many occassions, which means they equally hinder you.

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    Re: Youth today

    I think I will side with the fact on this one that alot of teens do NOT have moralls from what I have seen, but those who have strict enough parents to teach those morals to the kids have enough sence to know what to do and what not to do, however on the other note when I was a kid I didnt care too much for school but yet I didnt care to much for the other either. so it could go both ways on that subject, but you must look at the adults to it is the same way, there are those who only think of sex, drugs, and stuff like that but there are also those who CARE about the world and their own body too so it is a 2 sided argument.
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    Re: Youth today

    Quote Originally Posted by DarknessInZero View Post
    Is it just me or does the majority of the teen population and such seem to lack morales, values, and/or respect? It seems to me that all they care about is doing drugs, having sex, and getting away with it. Maybe I am just being ridiculous, or maybe not. What do you all think?
    i think that you are right. where i am the age for drugs drinking and sex keeps getting younger and younger. i know my brother and sisters know of a girl who is 15 she is pregnant again and already has a kid. some of their friends are stoners and the age is 15 and under. what is society coming to? and what are parents doing now a days? it almost seems as if they dont care.
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