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Thread: Fans!

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    Re: Fans!

    i am a big fan of tsubasa reservoir chronicle, switchfoot, and WoW (world of warcraft).....

    Thank you sasuraihell for the sig

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    Re: Fans!

    I am the Fan of DBSK, and Se7ev now. >_<|| o_o
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    Re: Fans!

    I am a fan of. . . . Bleach, . . urmand anime in general! Ummm also Johnny Deep!lol Like Saz said who isn't!j\king!
    Anyway seriously Final Fantasy games and RPGs in general!

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    Re: Fans!

    ok here is the list of my Fave AO members... (i know there used to be a most interesting person on here is mine...)

    OK here is my list.................... EDITED

    People i met when i First joined:
    Solking - one cute guy i got to know and hopefully still in touch with....Cool Marine guy!!
    Zackraa - a cool guy who makes great wallpapers and sigs. And is now a mod YAY
    Ketaro - a cool guy who was my Dark Guardian Angel hehe
    Jaderabbit - his the best at making wallpapers!! most are in my collection hehe
    Lord Katsuhito - a cool guy to chat and there to help
    Kedar - With his great posts and wisdom!! an inspiration to me
    ChiefBlackHammer - The person who created my sig...COOL...THANK YOU SO MUCH *hug*

    People who i met when i came back:
    Ikawa - but he isn't on here much..*baps for being busy hehehe* Plus i think i got him to long on here!!!
    Sasurai Hell - great sig maker and great friend who loves the Major I still want to hear his music!!!
    Mahiru - the cool Hyper gal who is such a great laugh and a fellow hyper and random person
    Hold.Me.X.Thrill. Me - fellow British Gal...Cool gal and a fellow coke addict
    Blade X - Cool guy with the best Sofa i want to get someday hehe
    Pigtaru - the cool Guy from CA who likes my accent for some reason.

    Cool people i have just started chatting to:
    Mayura - I am jealous of her good looks and great wardrobe..*raids it all mwah ha ha...jk*
    Shizuka - very pretty and great to talk to also.
    Mr.K - is cool and a great laugh
    Toxic Hobo - has the same name as me and is cool
    Cerebrum - great person to talk to
    Rave_Grip - i wasn't sure if i offended them when i started to speak to them
    Gundragon - cool guy...does some cool sigs too
    Dark Raven - is cool also and a great person to talk to
    Holderofthedarkchalise - A cool mover hehe and cool to chat too.
    Setsuna Mudo1617 - Great laugh and doesn't like Dancing hehe. and he is my little bro!!!
    Bassdudez - cool person to chat to
    White_Mage88 - great person to chat to too
    Justloseit - cool person and likes dancing!!
    SousukeSagara - cool person to chat too...and a fellow FMP fan!
    Royal Cutie Pain - is cool to talk to and have a laugh with!!
    Mr Gone - for the kind comment...WOOT i am weird!!
    the Fighter!!!! sorry - had some cool chats while watching the footy!
    Attomic Muffin - is fun and cool to play with in last letter game
    Miki - for her prettiness!!! i am jealous!!!
    (thats three people now..mayura, Shizuka and Miki!!)
    Reese - for her kind comments on my journal!! thank you
    Michiru726 - is very friendly and a great person to talk to
    Masterzach - he is little bro and is really really cool!!!
    Casben - he is a cool person to talk!!!! especially on MSN
    Aya-kun - she seems like fun!!! And has a GREAT accent!!!
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