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Thread: Changes

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    Re: Changes

    Quote Originally Posted by gren View Post
    What about new members? If someone applies after only having been here a day or two, do they have to come back and try again after a solid week of posting? Also, high posts counts don't necessarily mean the person will be active in the clan. They may just be throwing in a couple of sentences every now and then in one of the many irrelevent threads here.
    This is true, but as for new members, it list's our "join date", so chief will know if they are new and will take that into consideration. (well I hope he would take that into consideration). Even though the plan isn't full-proof, it will help "weed out" some of the unworthy.

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    Re: Changes

    I have made some updates, the member listing is now updated (if you aren't in the list you better contact me soon...otherwise you are in the process of being removed!)...the member number doesn't mean anything so no poochy mouths. I have created a poll for the new clan banner, please take the time to vote! I have a few more changes which I will announce soon!

    Edit: Please welcome gren as the clan's new co-leader! I spent a while looking at the clan and what each person offered in terms of knowledge, activity and respectfulness and gren shined out as a perfect choice, so again please welcome him! It may take Katsu a little while to give him the actual powers but none the less.
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