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Thread: Beyond the Bounds (contest entry)

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    Beyond the Bounds (contest entry)

    Beyond the Bounds

    Outside the door, I fear
    the enveloping darkness that consume
    the expanse with its choking grip.
    Shadows of failed souls roam that unknown stretch of land,
    forever lost, unable to get through the seemingly
    endless stretch of gloom, their figures adding more
    to the violent gravity of the darkness,
    their light snatched from their very being.

    So I stay confined to my abode.
    It is safe here, no blackness will snatch
    the light that I shelter inside of me.
    But this light that burns in me,
    slowly but surely, is fading and becoming
    weaker, for what is day without night?
    What is living, if I feel not alive?
    I am safe here, in my own little room;
    the door locked, the windows closed.
    Here, I need not fear the shadows
    for here, nothing happens.

    Yet, if I remain here any longer,
    my light will eventually burn out
    and darkness will then devour me
    together with my beloved little room.
    And it will all end, even before
    I have begun to live.

    Thus, I now realize,
    that to save my being
    I must go, therefore,
    open the windows, unlock the door
    and walk into the enclosing dense darkness
    brave the heavy black storms
    evade the roaming lost shadows
    and will myself to keep alive
    what is left of my failing light,
    and finally earn a light brighter
    than the one now in my wretched heart.

    For I know, beyond the bounds,
    further away even from the land of darkness,
    is a place of absolute luminescence
    that will be able to rekindle the light
    dying inside of me.
    Heavenly place of radiance
    where the grass is always green,
    and a breeze is evermore flying.
    There, I will find my true light,
    that is for me and me only,
    and my heart will shine brilliantly
    for the whole world to see.
    The grave darkness that I so fear
    will cower from my embracing light,
    and I… will finally become an angel…

    I can fulfill my destiny
    only if I undertake this journey…

    And whether I emerge victorious,
    becoming an angel with renewed light,
    or diminish into the darkness
    turning into a shadow with no light,
    at least I have tried
    and have felt alive…

    ~~Eleonne Prince

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    Re: Beyond the Bounds (contest entry)

    Very good poem. It one of the better "Beyond The Bounds"poems I've read so far eventhough the others were good also.
    "Sunset Kisses Along The Beach"
    Made for me by HolderofTheDarkChalice
    Thanks so much I love it!

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    Re: Beyond the Bounds (contest entry)

    *claps hands* Wow ^_^ As expected of you, great results. Every entry has been good!

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